Meguro River Illumination 2016

January 02, 2017


Conveniently just 15 minutes away from work, I decided to go after my shift and was left in surprise with what I saw. Well nothing there yet when I arrived because it's quite early but you get the point. When the clock chimed at 5pm, everything suddenly turned pink. It was magical. 

Meguro Gawa Minna no Illumination 
Pink Lights 

Supposed to look like Sakura trees and it did not fail. Loved its water reflection even. 

I'm sure professional photographers would just laugh at the shot above but I was quite impressed with this little failure to focus shot as I would like to call it. 

I felt like a princess walking around her own garden for a sec. 

I actually wonder if they're Sakura trees.  I bet it's just as beautiful during Spring. I should be back! 

Fairy tale-ish trail. I was impressed with this place because you know, very quiet because for some reason, one little thing I hate about Tokyo is that it's kind of touristy and I find it really hard to breathe sometimes and maybe I don't make sense (just because) but yeah this place is really subtle and peaceful and not crowded at all! Ciao! 

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