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Mum Thinks I Need These 3 (2.0)

Late post. Sorry na. Actually this is supposed to be the 3rd installment under this theme but then it would be unfair for my mum if I would do just that because before this, I got what seems to be 3 or 4 packages that I (planned but) didn't (too lazy to) blog about so 2.0 it is! Fair enough!

Size 40 because my feet are wider than the usual. Generally speaking, I'm wider than the usual so whatever. Hahaha 
Yas! Thanks,mum. 
This looks like something I would wear everyday. Yay! 
Green Mangoes!! It also came with Bagoong! 
Survival Meals More Snacks! To Share Lovely Dresses
Thank you mama for being so generous! Love lots! Ciao!

How I Celebrated my 25th Bday

Celebrated my Birthday in this place 3 years in a row and I'm not even complaining. 
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still in this company but you know, I guess it's because I'm well taken care of and that I have these aunties that are all so different but are all very protective of me and in one way or another, I'm very thankful that I get to work with them. Most of them are twice my age and they have been through a lot. I could definitely learn a lot from them. 
Selfie Escargot Rib Eye Yas!
I did what I do best. Eat a lot alone. LOL. This is after I bought myself a gift at Grandberry Mall in Minami-Machida. That's how I roll now. The Escargot was so good by the way.

I had sushi with tita May, Hidemi, and the little one. Man, it was one epic night. So epic! So on my way home, I was so bothered by the glare that I was seeing and so I thought I would wear my glasses and so I did. And then shortly after, I found 20,000 yen on the floor!!! And it was n…

New Hair, New Life?

Yes mga bes, I decided to cut my hair short again. I know that I'd regret this later but you know, it's been doing me good so far. 

And yes, I had it in a new place yet again. This is the best place I've been so far. Or so I think. I booked 3 weeks ahead of time and I was accomodated on time! I have nothing against busy salons but if you're going to say I'm booked at a certain time, please know that my lazy ass would appreciate if you would provide me with your good service then and there. Thank you very much. 
The main reason I wanted this haircut is because I feel like my almost waist length hair then was getting out of control. It looked super nice but deep inside, it was so broken that I had to cut it! OMG, life! But yeah. 
I feel like a new person after. I also literally just cut a few years worth of hair so I don't feel complety 25. I'm just in denial of course. LOL. 
As for my new hair color, like I always do, I told them to make it ligh…

Caretta Shiodome Illumination 2016

This may be the most beautiful/spectacular Illumination that I've been so far. It's also by far the smallest venue and I was like meh when I first got there without all the lights and all that. I was not that impressed when they turn on the lights even but man, they have a show and that's what makes it so beautiful. 

I found out about this place whilst watching Terrace House on Netflix and I thought it'd be bigger but yeah whatevs. Also, can I just say that I've been really loving Terrace House in general? So I was like, must go! This is the place Arisa Ohata rejected Arman Bitaraf! Because WTF! Arman should have chosen my girl Mizuki. Okay enough fangirling and also I know Arman is already happy with my homegirl Masako. 

I seriously can't get over the illumination show that I watched it 3 times. It was so cold that time so thank goodness the show is only like 5 or 10 minutes apart I don't remember which but I remember it's only a short interval between s…

Shinjuku Illumination 2016

I may have already mentioned here (or elsewhere) how I feel about Shinjuku. But you know, that didn't stop me from going there anyways. TBH, I still feel a little creeped out by it but whatever, you know. 

It would have looked cooler in my eyes if I haven't seen the Meguro first. 
Rose Gold and Gold lights Gorgeous!
I don't know if this is just coincidence but it was so cool! having them lined up like that.  

I went after work and was surprised that it's kind of like the one in Meguro. It's not Sakura Pink though. It's a combination of what looks like Rose Gold and Gold lights which is a very subtle twist. I thought it's be the same colorful lights from 2014 but I guess they do change things a little every year. I should be back! Ciao! 

Yokohama Illumination 2016

Lips as dark as my soul
I went there and took pictures. Man, I can't even with this place. I don't know if I should already be bitter or whatnot. JK! Been there done that. Twice.

I'll never get tired adoring this. So much beauty to even acknowledge the hate.

One regret that I had is that I didn't try their food whilst I was there. Well I was gonna eat somewhere else so I had to control myself lol. The smell of the surroundings is so tempting though. I have to be back next time! They also have the ice skating rink set-up but also didn't try that one. Next time!

The Bell

Also went to Motomachi but none of the shops were still open when I went so that's less the fun I guess so I have to somehow be back next time. I think. 

It was freaking cold that there's barely anyone walking just for fun.

OMG this. This might be my favorite display. Also, I'm playing Coldplay whilst on the trip and man, for some reason, it was so relevant.

The display got exc…
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