New Hair, New Life?

February 21, 2017

Yes mga bes, I decided to cut my hair short again. I know that I'd regret this later but you know, it's been doing me good so far. 

And yes, I had it in a new place yet again. This is the best place I've been so far. Or so I think. I booked 3 weeks ahead of time and I was accomodated on time! I have nothing against busy salons but if you're going to say I'm booked at a certain time, please know that my lazy ass would appreciate if you would provide me with your good service then and there. Thank you very much. 


The main reason I wanted this haircut is because I feel like my almost waist length hair then was getting out of control. It looked super nice but deep inside, it was so broken that I had to cut it! OMG, life! But yeah. 


I feel like a new person after. I also literally just cut a few years worth of hair so I don't feel complety 25. I'm just in denial of course. LOL. 


As for my new hair color, like I always do, I told them to make it lighter and I guess they can't move much higher the chart so there's that. 


The treatment was so nice I must say. It made my so uncooperative hair nice for a couple of washes I think. But you know, my hair is rude as eff so it was like back to what it is shortly after. I'm not complaining though! That's just my hair. The cut made all the difference! Will probably cut it again soon! Probably. 


Anyways, for the cut + color + treatment combo, I only paid 8,900 yen like it said on the website. Probably the cheapest price that I paid for such services. I might actually just stick to this salon now I know that my time and money would be so well spent here so yeah, ciao! 

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  1. Nice nice! I'm thinking about getting a buzz-cut tbh xD Like chop off my hair and donate to cancer. It wouldn't really affect me that much since I wear a head-scarf so no one would be able to see my hair (or lack thereof) and hopefully it'll grow back better and stronger since I currently have problems with hair fall :\