Ebisu Illumination 2016

February 10, 2017

It was quite a quick trip but I really enjoyed that time. I didn't know that I actually went on the last day of the illumination. Like, what? Talk about luck. It's very near work too so yay. It's not your typical walk in the park place though. It's Tokyo-ish. Busy. Crowded. Meh.

Chandelier! The bulbs represent how many years the chandelier is and I believe it's more or less 250. Don't take my word for it though.

This place is a short path that's quite irrelevant but lit up in blue anyways.

Not the Christmas Tree I'm referring to

Also missed the Christmas Tree! Meh. I will get back to it soon. If I remember. Also, am I the only sad person here because I didn't take a selfie? Mmmm. It's just not quite my blogging style if there's no selfie. Anyways. I'm starting to type non-sense. So bye!


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