Yokohama Illumination 2016

February 14, 2017

Lips as dark as my soul

I went there and took pictures. Man, I can't even with this place. I don't know if I should already be bitter or whatnot. JK! Been there done that. Twice.

I'll never get tired adoring this. So much beauty to even acknowledge the hate.

One regret that I had is that I didn't try their food whilst I was there. Well I was gonna eat somewhere else so I had to control myself lol. The smell of the surroundings is so tempting though. I have to be back next time! They also have the ice skating rink set-up but also didn't try that one. Next time!

The Bell

Also went to Motomachi but none of the shops were still open when I went so that's less the fun I guess so I have to somehow be back next time. I think. 


It was freaking cold that there's barely anyone walking just for fun.

OMG this. This might be my favorite display. Also, I'm playing Coldplay whilst on the trip and man, for some reason, it was so relevant.

The display got exciting actually. It's like already 3D and stuff. 

Minato-Mirai Station
Winter Ish Theme
Cosmo Clock

I also caught a flu after this. Not good, my friend. Ciao!

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2 coment�rios

  1. Wow this place looks gorgeous! I love the lighting and decorations, they're so beautiful ;-; I hope you feel better soon though! Flues are horrible >.>

  2. Wow that place looks so nice! Wish I'll be able to visit that soon. Nice photos!

    Bia S. | RoadByBia