T.O.P. and Junsu's Enlistment

February 10, 2017

This is sad. You know, I feel like when an idol enlists himself in the military, only few can really make a comeback 2 years later. Don't you see it like that? It's just that I feel like there are a lot of groups ready to take over. Younger that they are that is. It's just me. I've mentioned somewhere that Big Bang is my fave boy group and from now on, it's gonna be rough. I knew that Last Dance meant something else. Oh well. I even felt like they're gonna announce after 2NE1 but I guess they're delaying. Boy they should have went altogether and made us less suspicious. Okay say that TOP just entered first, aye? Unless the remaining three would enter at the same time, then we all know what's up. Okay whatever. Still rooting for them!

I also liked Dong Bang Shin Ki. I feel like they have a lot of issues going on though so I somehow stopped fan girling. So Junsu enlisting is quite irrelevant news. JK! Come at me! 

Make your country proud, Oppas! Stay healthy! Ciao! 

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