Monday, 16 October 2017

Riverdale’s Green-Eyed Monster

Sorry na. Anyways, I have a lot of stories to tell so leggo! First of all, Netflix’s Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 is out (as of this writing) and it’s sooo nice!!  I mean, it’s soo good! Cheryl is sooo evil but I like it! I mean I wouldn’t do (IRL) half the things she’ve done but I like her. I used to like Hermione Lodge but you know, she’s starting to get shady (NOT SO INNOCENT OF A PAWN) and I don’t like that darkness whatevs. Now the GREEN-EYED MONSTER. Seriously, that’s Mr.Cooper. Maybe! It’s always gonna be Mr. Cooper, yeah? Hahaha or!! FP Jones. I don’t even know! Basta. 


What used to be my favorite chips are back! They were gone for 3 years!!! I was soo happy because you know, I saw them the morning I was gonna watch Riverdale and I was like, yas!!! They’re not as good as I remember but you know...for old time’s sake. Sometimes we’re not gonna get why we’ve done certain stuff in the past or whatnot but hey~ 


You know, it was one of my co-worker’s first salary pay-off and yeah she treated us for breakfast and cake. I got the モムブラン. Soo good! When I was a child, I always thought that only grown-ups would like that cake and yeah, maybe I was wrong. That or I’m old. There are just a lot of Filipino thing that I don’t and probably won’t understand ever. BUT NONETHELESS VERY THANKFUL FOR. That’s all! Oh and I have also watched two other Netflix shows. American Vandal where two student directors tried to defend a prankster by proving he didn’t vandalize the cars. And To The Bone which is about bulimia and anorexia. Well nothing too close to heart I guess except for the student film director actor who looks like someone from the past. Not bitter. Anyways. Yun lang! Also, eat up! 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

15 Things I Tumblr-ed About


Goodness gracious! So you know, back in my day, there was Tumblr. If I have to compare it to anything now, it’s like Pinterest. You know, some definitely have personal accounts but for most of us, it’s blogging minus the commitment. Anyways, I started blogging with Tumblr in December 2009 and my last post was in April 2014. So basically I was with this site from age 18-22. Sooo young, huh? Also, my handler then was PERIPHERALSMILE.TUMBLR.COM. Just sayin’. So yeah here we go.

15. The Witty Stuff

OMG, right? Like, what if?

14. Food 


Basically of cakes, cookies, sweet stuff, Korean food, and pizza. I’m very predictable. 

13. Art


I’m not even much of a fan now. I mean, sometimes.

12. Life


Because we all think of this once in a while. And it’s okay. 

11. Words of Wisdom

You see, Tumblr is not always about dark/heavy stuff. 

10. Cute Boys


Francisco Lachowski, everybody. 

9. Vintage Looking Flowers


This is soo nice! Something I’d do when I set up my own clinical laboratory. Or you know, just hang a picture of it.

8. KPOP stuff


I liked them then, I still like them now. Some things last (a very long time). 

7. Ballet Stuff


I find ballet pictures very calming for some reason. They’re just very composed. 

6. Nail Polish Stuff


Chunky Glitter Polish for life!

5. Shoes


I can’t believe I posted soo many shoe stuff. Don’t get me wrong though, I like me some shoes! But man, I won’t even dare wear half the shoes that I posted. What was I thinking?

4. Football Stuff

Actually stopped watching few years after Spain won the World Cup. 

3. Fashion in General

Though I may have posted some dresses I won’t even wear now, these I want to grab and replace my wardrobe with. Or is it too much for my age? I’m old. 

2. Harry Potter Stuff


I think this post was before I was even sorted to Slytherin. I wouldn’t probably get the Death Mark as a tattoo but you know, can’t say I don’t find it charming. 

1. The Eiffel Tower


I mean, of course I did. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October Air

Hola! It's October! It's getting colder. Rainy season is kind of over. It's starting to look a lot like fall. My kind of season. Got a few things to tell you so leggo! I got a haircut!! Yay! Also got it dyed but nothing dramatic. I think it's the last haircut I'm gonna get in years. I think I got rid of the damaged hair from when I had it bleached. OMG hair and life! LOL. I actually wanted to go back to red but nah. In less than 3 months, I'll be going to the Philippines! Definitely something to look forward to! :) I miss my family. Better grab the chance while I still can. I miss everyone! Speaking of the fam, this month, my sister Mika turns 18!! Like, what? I can still remember the days when she was just a little annoying puff ball! I can't say I'm not proud! Advance Happy 18th Birthday, guuuurrrlll!! Where did the time go? Anyways. 
I've been really thinking a lot these days. Asking myself a lot of things. To be honest, as carefree as I seem, I kind of have a lot of worries. The future is scary. I just hope it finds me well.  All I can do about it now is to start with a very light heart. That's all, I guess? 

Friday, 29 September 2017

My Top Japanese Snacks

Childhood favourite snacks. They say change is good but boy, not for snacks I think. These are legit good by the way! :) Leggo! 

1. Nori Potato Chips 

The OG! Back in my day, there are only two variants. The other one is the salted chips in orange bag but even then I liked this better. I actually like this better than any chips out in the market right now. And man there are way sooo many!! 

2. Chocolate Chou Cream 

Man, this brings back so many good memories! Hidemi and I used to devour this!! I don't even like the real deal chou cream. You know, it's the consistency of it that I am not a fan of but this one is actually good! Well mainly because this is more like the junk food version but whatever. 

3. Galbo

I'm not a fan of chocolate on its own but if it's with wafer or something, I'm all for it! This one is my favorite of its kind. It's actually the mini version of what I used to eat growing up. It's totally the same but the original packaging is more of my thing. This mini version takes off the joy of opening individual packets containing the chocolate stick. Anyways! Still good though!

4. Takenoko no Sato

Also something that brings back good memories! Also something Hidemi and I used to feast on. This one is not even that good (good enough tho) but I still eat this once in a while just because it has pensieve-y effect on me. 

5. Almond Chocolate

Yas! Classic! Also something I am all for are nuts covered chocolates! Sooo genius! 

Life (snacking) is a little bit more complicated now. There are just a lot of flavors out to choose from. Back in my day, it's just one or two. Now, they give you 10! I may be exaggerating but you get the point, aye? I'm not complaining though! You know, I actually notice myself clinging back to what I'm used to every now and then. Sure I try new stuff and all but man, I guess it's hard to beat the OG. I mean they lasted more than 2 decades (according to my calendar coz I'm 25 and not in the mood to research but is keen to type! lol) for a reason, yeah? That would be all! 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Coisof Harajuku Ice Cream

Coisof Harajuku 

I actually just saw the ad for this shop on Facebook and since it's literally blocks away from where I work, I came to try. It's actually a shop that serves savory ice cream (kind of). Coisof is a shop that serves sesame seed flavored ice cream. I know I'm not gonna be a fan but I tried it anyways.

I tried the mixed flavored one so to taste both flavors at the same time. The flavors are white and black sesame seed and the balls are rice pops. The rice pops are my favorite! Soooo good!! Don't skip the rice pops please! Can I just say that when I went there, they have a promo that they can put more rice balls for free and I was like, no thanks! But man, when I tried it, I was like, more more more!!


It's actually not bad. I kinda like it to be honest. I might try it again soon. You know, there are just a lot of things to try and look forward to! :)

Friday, 22 September 2017

Namaste | Nepali Food is love

My favorite Nepali friend.  We may differ in views and all other stuff but you know, she's still my favorite. I'm not in any way tolerating all her deeds but she's my fave.

Chicken Tikka!

Supposed to eat TANDORI but since we're tamad, we ate the boneless version. It was kinda good! 

mango lashi

I also like their LASHI. Must have been very popular in Nepal because every restaurant I went to offers this. 


Nothing really special about this momo. I just think I like GYOZA better.

 Also nothing special is this garlic rice. I mean, it's not even a Nepali food but since we ordered, must include!

lashi and chicken tikka
my lunch set

Cheese Nan for the win! It's sooooooo good! 

Mutton and Keema Kare

At this particular restaurant. I ordered the hottest option for kare which I wouldn't ever do again. I still enjoyed my food though! I just thought I would have enjoyed it better milder. But anyways! So yeah I think I may have told you that Kare is my favorite food of all time (or is that Takoyaki?) and yeah, I think Nepali/Indian food serve me well. Will probably try more food from there in the future! Bye!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Zushikaigan Beach 2017

ombre skin tan or what?

That uneven tan is from Enoshima Beach. So I thought I'd be able to fix my tan by going to this beach but oh well. Let's see! 

Shin-Zushi. Somehow I feel so uneasy going to this place. You know, someone I used to know lives here. Oh well. Goodness gracious. Bitter??? Hahaha

the beach

It was so early when I got there. The sun was not even out. Well actually, the sun was not out until about 10-ish and I got there around 8. 

The water is/was hella clearer in Zushi than Enoshima. Though the only problem that I saw is that it was very rocky! I didn't swim or anything so it wasn't really a problem from me. 


Also, because it's jellyfish season already, not a lot of people came. Bonus for me to be honest! But!! Lots of barking dogs so as much as I wanted to sleep whilst tanning, I wasn't able to. 

And with that being said, the unevenness of my tan just got a little worst. Tan is almost gone by the way so don't ask. Ciao!
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