24H in Osaka

When duty calls. I was sent by my company in Tokyo to Osaka because! I'm actually so thrilled by this because it's an all paid trip and stuff and also, I've been meaning to go to Osaka! Not for work though! For the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but this will do! I mean, next time probably.
Glico Clown
I don't actually know the exact relevance but I get the idea somehow. I won't say so you wouldn't have anything to say against me. Huh! 
Too bad we weren't able to eat crab because when we were finish working, all the crab shops are already closed. Bummer! It's probably that famous that shops ran out of it quick. Next time!

I may have missed the rest but I wouldn't miss Takoyaki! I had too much of it too be honest. But! I'm not complaining! It's not my favorite food for nothing. And I was told that Takoyaki in Osaka is different and man it is. It was delicious!
Dotonbori at Night
Because we couldn't have crab, we ended up to a p…

Etude House Mini Haul

Etude House Harajuku
This is the Etude House next to my Tokyo work office. 
This is what I got! This is actually long overdue I’m so sorry. I’m back though!
Orange is the new ?
The balm is actually not that good. I mean, nothing really special about it. I guess it’s just as good as any other balm. 

I also got their Double Lasting foundation. It’s not bad. They have a lot of options both for pink and yellow tones. So yeah.

That’s all!

Super Stay Matte Ink Review

This ad I’ve originally seen in a Cosmopolitan article online and I was like, yas! Why the hell not? Unfortunately this item is not available in Japan yet so I had to ask my sisters in the Philippines to buy this for me. 

I was surprised to see the similarities of the products sold. Well, except this one of course.

I got the Believer and Heroine. I was actually supposed to get the darkest but my sister was like, nope! I didn’t. I feel like she knows what’s up and I am just a millenial tita so...

My Heroine look is the one above.

The nude isn't mine by the way but that's what we do in my family. We recycle pictures. It's my sister's. I don't find myself wearing that TBH. I don't think I need any makeup to look more dead than I do now. 
So my fangirl sister have a theory that I don't really approve of. She said it's Believer because it's Justin Bieber's color. Stupid. Formula wise, it’s very sticky. Also a lie that it doesn’t tra…

New Camera! | Canon Kiss X9

I guess I wasn’t as in love with my previous camera as I was in my previous previous one so I got one of its new sister. Canon Kiss X9. I like it. Not that I didn’t like my Fujifilm of course. I liked that one too but I don’t really have a control of it. Anyways, I couldn’t be happier that it’s my sister who has it now. 

I didn’t order the double lense thing because I already have the heavier lense from my X7. 

This is a test shot from my camera. I don’t really know if you can get anything from it since I’m not really good at it anyways. 
More test pictures I guess
One thing I like about thsi camera is the phone transfer feature. My Fujifilm had that feature as well. Also it’s screen flips which is always nice for selfies. The Fujifilm also had that feature.

Test pictures were all taken during a Sakura Festival nearby my place. In case you’re wondering. In case that is. That’s all! 

Nakameguro @ Day Time

And I’m back indeed. I was actually thought twice about this but then I remembered that this would actually be my last Spring in Japan so I guess why not?

Just like predicted, most of the Sakura already fell from its tree and yeah I guess that one is another thing to look forward to.

I also went there with a new camera. Will blog about it shortly after this.

Man, I was so red. Can I just say? I had a very dramatic encounter before this trip and I was so relieved so it was kind of nice walking around. 
So pink! 
There were ducks! Soo nice.

Soo nice. 

Also, this day was probably the last nice day to visit the place for Sakura viewing. Like, if you’re late for this whole thing, the day I went was probably the latest you can go!

the sakura fall I’m talking about 
Yas. Gyu Tan is life. 

Moke’s! I always go here during Sakura season. I was gonna let go of it this year but I was like, no! So despite the opening hour moved to a later time, I waited. Nothing dramatic though lol it was moved f…

Nakameguro @ Night 2018

I went to Nakameguro because you know, about time I take a break from all the work that I’ve been doing. I went there at around 4 in the afternoon and it was my first time going there when it’s very crowded and festive. What else do I have to say?

Definitely very different than just going alone. But also kind of nice because you get to enjoy the view with the rest of the crowd. You know what I mean? 

I had to go to this. Because if I wait for my next off, it wouldn’t be this pretty anymore. 
I just realized I said it’s different that just going alone when I still went alone only at different time. LOL.

This is very clever to me. No?

I had oysters! Actually thought they’d be oyster shots when I ordered them but this was very good too! 
The wine was not even good but the whole idea of it is very charming. Strawberries were very sour too! Put them both together is not any good but when you add walking around Nakameguro in the equation, quite fine. 

Korean Night Out! Annyeong!

Almost once (twice or thrice) a year, we do this. We eat-out out of the accumulated money we gather from our tip box plus whatever money our head manager give us. It was around 300 bucks. 

I just got to talk to these girls and I guess they’re my faves. Well Natalie I’ve known since forever but she just turned 18 so we just recently got into talking.