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Halalan 2016 Ramblings

I can't even. I hate the bandwagon. I super hate it. And don't even get me started with "gusto na namin ng pagbabago." because for all I know, after some time, you're just gonna be your lazy self again putting your life in the hands of the government doing nothing but to put blame on whoever you placed on that position. Or not. 
The only thing I see happening in the Philippines these coming years is that it's gonna be a better place. Better not best. But will there be better Filipinos? Maybe (debatable). But you know, there will always be the bad guys. Smugglers, Pushers, Robbers, Snatchers, Killers, Rapists, Addicts, and all other bad names known to mankind. It's never gonna be perfect. Because there wouldn't be new batch of Filipinos. So if people doesn't change, I don't see much light at the end of the tunnel. Duterte presidency is actually very promising. I just hope it leads up to people's expectations. 
I am …

Top 5 things I learned in Korea

1. Korean Glow is real

The glow is reeeaaal! See, I don't know if it's the air or something but it is real! The glow only happened on the face though. The rest of my skin cracked like crazy.

Comparison is real
2. They're scary drivers
Everyone!!! As in everyone. Okay maybe not everyone. I was confused for a second. I certainly didn't want to die then and there.

3. They can use their phones whilst at work

No idea why but people are with their phones at work and all that. At the restaurant, mall, as in almost everywhere. OMG can I just say? When we just arrived, the van driver was even on his phone. Get that straight, JTB.

Not this taxi
4. Not so honest taxi drivers

When we were at Namsan Tower going to Myeongdong, this Taxi that we consulted said it's 20 dollars. I mean, why though? Is there a policy that drivers couldn't turn on their meters at night or something? So we were like, no thank you. Then we went to the next taxi…

Wearing Traditional Korean Dress

When we were on our way searching for food, we found this stall at Gwanghwamun Plaza and we were like, must try. 

They do have a small selection of colors to choose from and I actually wished to wear the pink one but yeah too many people in queue that I was just like, whatever comes. 

But I'm totally not complaining. I kinda dig the color. Looks so much like their flag. 
Gwanghwamun Plaza
My friend and I landed on the same color. #MayForever. 

Basically, to avail, you must sign their guestlist, present an ID, and they give you 10 minutes to do whatever you want. The family in front of us kind of roamed around a little bit even. We didn't go far from the place. Because we were hungry. Ciao!

Korean Beauty Haul

Bought everything at Myeongdong. Gotta love Myeongdong! 

I actually have no idea when it comes to Korean brands so I just went for it. Easy peasy. There's a lot to choose from!! I honestly think I should have bought more. But whatevs. 

I heard Koreans are big on Natural ingredients. And based on their skin, I believe them. Hahaha. Can't wait to try these! 

Can I just say? They're big on samples as well! I was fan girling when the lady at the counter showed me the Big Bang postcard. Bless her. 
The lady at the store sold me to this. She was so madaldal and was very helpful actually. She said this moisturizes and brightens. Haven't tried this yet. Would be starting soon. 
Gotta love them freebies.

Cheonggyecheon Stream | When in Seoul

Secretly really wanted to see this. Before, I was like, gotta see what I should see but now that I know that it took them millions of dollars to reconstruct, I'm kind of curious. Kind of. 

I didn't even know we were there already it's funny. Basically, when we were strolling near our hotel, I saw this tower and I was like, what's up? Didn't mind it much. 
Rainbow After every Hardship
Before the trip, I kind of already searched for places and how to get there from our hotel and this stream is supposed to be 30 minutes away but yeah. 

Now I know why it was darn expensive. It's long. There were children with their little boats that time. They were probably gonna release it or something. No idea.
Cheonggyecheon Stream
Also, they did have people wearning traditional costumes and stuff. Also some camera guys so maybe they were having a shooting or something.

Would love to hang out here at night though. Probably pretty with the breeze and the lights. Ciao!

Lotte World | When in Seoul

Lotte World! I know it's kind of lame to look forward to going an amusement park when going to a different country and stuff but I was really looking forward to this particular trip. 

It's my first time going here and it seems like they were having some sort of a parteh.

We weren't able to enter this one. But would like to try soon. I can only imagine my sisters going wild on this. The whole place will go wild actually. 

It has been said that Lotte World is the largest indoor amusement park and I can see why. It's pretty big and kind of dense so there's really a lot of things to do. 

They also have an outdoor park which has all the scary rides. Too bad we didn't ride. Also, I have no idea whose castle this belongs to. 
Tower selfie
Kiddie ride because apprently, friend kind of gave up on scary rides already. This is our very first ride and this literally gave me headache for a while. The circle is fairly small so that means you turn around faster, right? Yeah.…

Myeongdong | When in Seoul

I know I've mentioned already but I'm gonna say it again anyways. I liked Myeongdong better than Dongdaemun. I don't know. I feel like it's nicer to shop around here. With the lights and all! Dongdaemun is okay though. No hate!

I liked the vibes. It reminds me of Izesakicho in Yokohama. Kind of chill and all that.

Beauty haven! I liked it. Skin care shops here and there and I can't complain. No wonder Koreans have good skin. Great skin actually. This is where I got all the beauty stuff I took back home. 
These are too cute to miss
Also, I noticed that juicing is kind of a thing there. Like, I saw strawberries, lemons, oranges, and loads of other fruits ready for juicing. 
Meeting the celebrity
The guy who can speak Filipino. I watched the video and I actually didn't know that it was in Myeongdong. But anyways. I saw him in action. From afar. That's all. Ciao!
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