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May 20, 2016

Lotte World! I know it's kind of lame to look forward to going an amusement park when going to a different country and stuff but I was really looking forward to this particular trip. 

It's my first time going here and it seems like they were having some sort of a parteh.

We weren't able to enter this one. But would like to try soon. I can only imagine my sisters going wild on this. The whole place will go wild actually. 

It has been said that Lotte World is the largest indoor amusement park and I can see why. It's pretty big and kind of dense so there's really a lot of things to do. 

They also have an outdoor park which has all the scary rides. Too bad we didn't ride. Also, I have no idea whose castle this belongs to. 

Tower selfie

Kiddie ride because apprently, friend kind of gave up on scary rides already. This is our very first ride and this literally gave me headache for a while. The circle is fairly small so that means you turn around faster, right? Yeah. Then! Gracious goodness with my hips. I actually thought I couldn't fit in but I did.

Best photobomber ever

We rode this Atlantis thing though. Also probably the longest queue among those that we rode. Not even half of Disneyland's. It said that it's a 45 minute wait but we were able to ride less than that. And yes, I did time.  

We entered Snow White's Castle as well. I wish it was wider though. Also, not for adults because who would be happy to climb up a flight of stairs. 

The Castle

My Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. Can I just say? Totally not expecting to see him there. Not complaining.

With the Captain Hook

When we went out the park, it's kind of hot so we had these. Mango and Strawberry slurpees. 

Also, we were intrigued by this. It said Chicken Cola and we thought it's just its flavor so when I ordered, I was expecting a normal chicken but the guy there pointed the straw and I was like, what? But got it anyway. It happened to be this. So cool! 

We also had these dumplings with kimchi stuff. So good actually. 

They also have a 3D art museum based on the Egyptian time and it's awesome. They have tombs, and all that. This bitterness is my favorite. 

The Ship is Sailing
The Castle at night 

Much like Disneyland, they also have their night parade. It was beautiful. 

I really enjoyed Lotte World. I do recommend you checking it out! Lotsa fun. I wish I rode more though. Ciao!

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