Korean Beauty Haul

May 24, 2016

Bought everything at Myeongdong. Gotta love Myeongdong! 

I actually have no idea when it comes to Korean brands so I just went for it. Easy peasy. There's a lot to choose from!! I honestly think I should have bought more. But whatevs. 

I heard Koreans are big on Natural ingredients. And based on their skin, I believe them. Hahaha. Can't wait to try these! 

Can I just say? They're big on samples as well! I was fan girling when the lady at the counter showed me the Big Bang postcard. Bless her. 


The lady at the store sold me to this. She was so madaldal and was very helpful actually. She said this moisturizes and brightens. Haven't tried this yet. Would be starting soon. 


Gotta love them freebies. 

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