National Folk Museum | When in Seoul

May 13, 2016

When you see a place like this along the way, make your way in. This is actually not part of our itinerary but somehow it made the list. No regrets. We were using Google Maps and then somehow it told us we were there and so we followed a randim guy and brought us there. Voila. Basically, we were lost and yeah hahaha.


So glad we did enter though because it's apparently connected to the real destination. Also, it's kind of touristy as well and it's FREE. 

Azalea's everywhere. Pretty! It's so nice that even though it's Sunday, it's not so crowded. Me likey. 

There are a lot of traditional stuff inside that I actually don't understand. Again, it would be nice to go here with someone who knows what's up because we just took pictures of unknown stuff. But traditional.

Like this one. It's touristy. Pretty. But I don't know what this statue is all about. Life. Anyways, there's that. Ciao! 

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