Cheonggyecheon Stream | When in Seoul

May 23, 2016

Secretly really wanted to see this. Before, I was like, gotta see what I should see but now that I know that it took them millions of dollars to reconstruct, I'm kind of curious. Kind of. 

I didn't even know we were there already it's funny. Basically, when we were strolling near our hotel, I saw this tower and I was like, what's up? Didn't mind it much. 

Rainbow After every Hardship

Before the trip, I kind of already searched for places and how to get there from our hotel and this stream is supposed to be 30 minutes away but yeah. 

Now I know why it was darn expensive. It's long. There were children with their little boats that time. They were probably gonna release it or something. No idea.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Also, they did have people wearning traditional costumes and stuff. Also some camera guys so maybe they were having a shooting or something.

Would love to hang out here at night though. Probably pretty with the breeze and the lights. Ciao!

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