Top 5 things I learned in Korea

May 28, 2016

1. Korean Glow is real

The glow is reeeaaal! See, I don't know if it's the air or something but it is real! The glow only happened on the face though. The rest of my skin cracked like crazy.

Comparison is real

2. They're scary drivers

Everyone!!! As in everyone. Okay maybe not everyone. I was confused for a second. I certainly didn't want to die then and there.

3. They can use their phones whilst at work

No idea why but people are with their phones at work and all that. At the restaurant, mall, as in almost everywhere. OMG can I just say? When we just arrived, the van driver was even on his phone. Get that straight, JTB.

Not this taxi

4. Not so honest taxi drivers

When we were at Namsan Tower going to Myeongdong, this Taxi that we consulted said it's 20 dollars. I mean, why though? Is there a policy that drivers couldn't turn on their meters at night or something? So we were like, no thank you. Then we went to the next taxi and this guy have the guts to get out his taxi, told the driver next to him that it's 20 dollars. Even sort of pushed my buddy inside the cab. Then for all we know, it didn't even took us long to get there. I'd say probably 9000 won max which is roughly 9 dollars.

5. I look like a Korean

I hear this a lot. And I've heard it there. Just people casually talking to me in Korean. I remember being asked to take a picture of this lady at that particular 3D photo and she was like giving me instructions on how she like it and stuff. Di ko naman gets teh. Hahaha anyways.

That's all of my learnings. I had fun, really. Ciao! 

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