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May 16, 2016

When I graduated in university, I kept a journal where I would want to go when I'm in Seoul and stuff that has something to do with the travel in general. I remember that I wanted to walk my way up this tower entrance. Wrong! 

I'm so glad I knew better! First, we don't have much time. Second, we don't really know how. Third, buddy's feet hurt. Fourth, it's so hassle and mataas at ayaw namin mapagod. Hahaha so yeah riding the cable car up was the best decision we've made that time. 

Cable Car Selfie
Hello Tower

It's a tower above a mountain so you know it's really pretty high up there. This one is the view from when we got out the cable car. Already pleasing, right?

Seoul Sunset

Love locks! Couples usually lock their whatever here in hope that no one's gonna be able to break through it or something. I wonder how many souls regret what they did before. I mean, I'm pretty positive that the locks there and the promises made are not up to date. I'm not bitter in any sense. Come to think of it. 

It's actually so overrated that they just lock it wherever they see fit. Hahaha

Seoul Tower
                   Love Locks and Seoul Tower

So yeah when you reach the end of the cable car ride, that's actually where the entrance of the Tower is. Hola! 

They do have different promos available and we got the one with popcorn and drink. They even serve beers there for some reason. 

Seoul Tower selfie
Selfie again
Gorgeous view

I actually really planned to go at around this time so I could have a look at it from different perspectives. Beautiful.

Seoul City at night

It's also interesting how they keep the nature going in here. You can see patches of unlighted places and it's cool. Can't really complain. Keep it up! 

Seoul Tower is definitely a good place to visit. I suggest you do it at least once. Take a lot of pictures while you're at it too! :) 

Seoul Tower Selfie

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  1. I'm sure this was such a wonderful experience! What beautiful views.
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  2. Great photos!! Hope you had great fun!
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