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May 16, 2016

Standing with a Guard
I heard that this don't happen often? But we were lucky to be able to watch the Changing of Guards ceremony. It's quite a show. 

Basically, from hundreds (thousands?) of years ago, guards from a palace would guard another palace and so on... 

The Guards

To be honest, I have no idea about these palaces. To give you an idea how clueless I was, I didn't even watch Jewels in the Palace. But I did watch Princess Hours though but that's only because I like the cousin of the Crowned Prince (the blonde). Irrelevant, I know. Anyways. There are 4 palaces that went to I believe. But if you don't have an idea like me, you wouldn't even know. 

They all look the same. Like, I heard one tour guide said that the difference is the guards? The guards there are you know, the Chinese Zodiac thingy. Like Mushu in Mulan.

Imagine this is your backyard. 


This building is a hollow structure. I have no idea but it's quite a view.

Garden thing?

Then there's only one place where you can look inside and I don't even know the significance.

It's not very impressive. Again, I don't know. We should have signed up for the tour so at least we know the story behind everything. Well the excuse is, we squeezed in too much activity for that day that we couldn't afford waiting for tour time both in Japanese and English so we just pretended we appreciated what we saw. It's beautiful but I guess knowing what's up and what happened would be a lot more interesting. I'll come back for this. 

So yeah I strongly suggest you do the tour or else everything will just look like a temple or something. 

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