Saturday, 31 January 2015

And it snowed again!

Probably the third time we've experienced snow this year. The snow was quite unexpected. Although they did say at work that it was broadcasted, I still didn't believe it because my weather app told me otherwise. Damn you weather app. Although it did catch up later in the morning. 

The bicycle parking area already accumulated snow after a few minutes. 

One thing I didn't like about it is it's really dangerous walking thru this path. I really anticipated slipping but oh so glad it didn't happen. Paranoid. 

I thought this looks pretty. If my mom were here, I would have actually seated there for sure. 

It actually snowed harder this time than the last time. 

I was biking and was literally eating snow. Is that bad? Girl I was legit hydrated when I got home. LOL. 

From afar, it looks like there's some Hanami going on and it was really really beautiful. 

Obligatory selfie 

Winter Wonderland

The snow in the afternoon. I anticipated to slip even more this time but thank goodness, really. 

Snow everywhere 

I don't know what really happened to this but it sure was unfortunate. 

I therefore conclude that the only thing I like about snow is that it's white everywhere. Really peaceful to look at. The cold makes my body numb though. Like, I had to place my palm in front of the heater to be able to feel it again. I was even kind of struggling to open my door like, fact.  

Fave shot

Selfie yet again


The aftermath. I didn't notice the beauty of the snow that much but the sunset though. Beautiful! 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hunger Games in Real Life

I strongly strongly despise terrorism. Funny how not too long ago, I was searching YouTube for videos on how Lethal Injection works. Then, I learned about these terrorists trying to kill some journalists who may have offended them but they have no right to kill people who are just trying to express themselves. They don't have the right to kill anybody in that sense. But of course that's just mainstream media. Of course they're probably doing stuff behind the scenes. 

Recently, they attacked Paris and killed journalists who worked for Charlie Hebdo and new threat has been posed for Diamalar. I wish the Diamalar staff do whatever it takes to protect themselves but if you still wish to express yourselves, do so. Pen for a pen. Yeah, right. There were also some other bombing incident related to terrorism I believe. 

But the main reason I am blogging this is because of the captured Japanese journalist and his "spy" friend. I don't know how they captured the guys and stuff but it was wrong. The story is that they captured the Japanese spy (now allegedly beheaded) in Iraq and then his friend (veteran war journalist) came to rescue him but of course he got captured as well. The group initially asked the Japanese Government for 200 million dollars in exchange of these two lads' freedom but the government refused and said that they would never ever ever fund terrorism. So past deadline, the terrorists sent a video of the beheading of the spy and then made the friend pose for a picture holding the picture of his beheaded friend. WOW! HOW BARBARIC. I can't imagine holding a picture of my friend like that. So terrible!! 

Plot twist: They said they would free the remaining Japanese hostage only if their "sister" who is imprisoned in Jordan because of killing like 60 persons would be freed. 

Now it's all getting complicated. As of this writing, I think the deadline already passed for that prisoner exchange thing and no news from them yet. Another plot twist though, Jordan officials said they would only free the terrorists' sister only if they would free their Jordanian pilot hostage. I think they mentioned one person for one so see, it's all confusing. What happens to the Japanese? Left for dead? So what's happening is I think they are just waiting for a proof that the hostaged pilot is still alive but none was given. I don't know. They are clearly not funding terrorism but they're negotiating to free another terrorist which I think is kind of not the best way to go. But hey, life for a life, yeah? One that of a terrorist and one that of a friend trying to help. And probably that of a pilot. Different lives on the line but lives nonetheless. Can I just say that the pilot is really young. Irrelevant information. 

I wonder what would they do with their terrorist sister if freed though. It sounds suspicious, huh? You hear me? 

"And you, in Thirteen, dead by morning."

I have some questions. How can they sleep well at night after killing innocent people? How can they slit someone's throat? How can they pull of heads out of the body? How can they sleep at night after all these? Or can they really? JUST STOP. 

Monday, 26 January 2015

Bad Skin and Busy Thoughts

I think the condition of my skin already improved a lot and by lot, I mean, a lot!! I owe it to time. Because for so long, I haven't found a solution that works. I have been using a cream from my dermatologist and it seems to fix it but I don't really think it's that effective. I mean, time heal wounds. Anyways, the other day, I was asked by a co-worker and it goes something like, I know it's not my business or anything but I want to ask how long have you had those pimples and I was like, forever. And then she was like, I'll do something with it during our break. And I was like, wait, what? But then I didn't say the last part. Fast forward, she then asked me to go to the locker room with her during the break and then all she did was touch my face with her palms for like 15 minutes. I don't know what kind of sorcery is that but my body kind of felt lighter. Or maybe I just felt sleepy or something. IDK. I don't know what it has to do with my pimples. She probably reckons I'm so stressed out. Anyways. I reckon I'm not. Food time! 

Chicken Adobo

I really like chicken adobo and if it's always up to me, I want to with many eggs, garlic, and I want it very spicy. 

Pork Sinigang, Tori Nabe
If you know the ingredients, they're basically cooked the same way. You just put everything in. 

On my off days, I usually just cook simple meals for myself. I never cooked a meal when I was in the Philippines. Maybe like Pansit Canton or pancakes but real meals, no. I didn't really have to prepare anything. Which would actually make you a lazy person here in Japan. Being alone now though, I learned to prepare stuff to eat. Moving right along...

It was 8 am and it was unusual for me to see the orange kind of sunrise at this time of the day. Although you can't really see it, I guess it's winter. And I haven't experienced a lot of winter in my life. Busy thoughts here we go. And I'm not even really that busy. I just feel tired all the time. I probably need a week off if not two. And it makes me wonder, back in the Philippines, I would have the same schedule and still, I would be able to do all the stuff that I want. Also, it doesn't matter back then if I only have a half-day off. I would still be able to do stuff. I'm pretty sure I also complained about this before. I mean, not having enough day-offs to do stuff, but I want to tell my previous self that I did not have the right to complain back then. Like, I thought I was busy-busy, but no. This is busy-busy and I am not looking forward to the day that I would have to look back to this post and prove myself wrong (again). What? Let this phase of my life be the busiest. Such as not being able to enjoy things. Like literally, the most exciting thing I achieve daily, is to take pictures. And sometimes they're not really interesting for too long. You know, sometimes we take pictures of what we thought was interesting and then we'll be like, why the heck did I take this picture again? LOL. Me all the time. 

It's really winter now. It was particularly cold today and snow caps kind of forming already. I think they come and go. 

I was so amazed by this scenery. You know what they say, sunlight is the best filter. The photo above filtered itself. Oh well. So yeah. They say that if you don't do an effort to accomplish anything you "want", you don't really want it. You don't want it bad enough. I don't even know but something like that. LOL. I want to explore and travel Japan. I will do what it takes to be able to achieve that dream. Not like too soon though. One step at a time. This post doesn't seem to make much sense to anyone who can't probably relate but I'm very relieved I was able to release all of it out. Well kind of. See yah!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Taking Over Shinjuku 1.13.15

 I usually get pretty busy at work but this week, I got Monday and Tuesday off and on Tuesday, I decided to explore Shinjuku. Why Shinjuku you ask? I don't know too. Anyways, it was my first time commuting to Shinjuku and stuff and man I was blown away by like, everything. I actually didn't go defenseless as I searched for things to do and places to visit beforehand but uhm. No. I actually didn't end up going to any of them except for one. That's life.  

It was like 1 hour and a half train ride from my place to Shinjuku and I actually didn't enjoy the process of getting there. It was kind of tiring. Imagine being seated and tired. That kind of tired. When I got off the station, I was like, whoah. Well to be honest, finding the right exit was the only real struggle. LOL. 

So when I reached the place, I just walked and walked and kind of familiarized myself to the place a little bit. Just in case my phone dies and I wouldn't be able to use my Google Maps on my way back to the station. 

Shinjuku is definitely a busy place. People are everywhere. If you're from the countryside, you might be as blown away as I am. There are a lot of skyscrapers, establishments, this and that and I can't even. But I mean, it's Tokyo so what did I even expect, right? 


I actually ate before I left and when I reached the place, I was already hungry. Totally out of my plan because I thought of crossing out my list of what to do whilst I was there first but failed. I searched for a place to eat anyways and it wasn't easy to find because first, lotsa choices and second, full of people. But it was kinda worth it. I think. I ate at this place where they serve ramen and rice meals and being the ramen girl than I am, you already know what it is. I really liked it!!! Major  yums! What happened next was, I thought of visiting their garden sort of but after a long walk, I found out it was closed. Which makes sense because it's winter. Life. And then I thought I'd go visit the Cat Cafe. Being it a cafe, I thought they would have like sweets and light meals but they serve international kind of meals and no like cafe stuff. I was still full so I thought it was a bad idea to force myself eating just to hang out with cats. But I was kinda sad too. I wanted to like play with little furry creatures. I miss my doggy basically. 

Then!! I thought I'd visit the Garden near the cafe but it was closed. It makes sense though. It's winter so it's not like there are gonna be Cherry Blossoms everywhere LOL. Stupid me. 

As I was walking back, I saw these temples. Now, I saw these on the Internet but didn't actually put it on my list. But I already failed and nowhere else to go so I thought I'd visit. At this point, my bestfriend called and we were talking, right? I didn't know there were people in the temple and they kind of gave me "that look" LOL sorry guys. 

This station is like a very good place to shop!! Malls beside malls!!! Oh can I just say that there are I think 2 or 3 Louis Vuitton store in that area and they're not even that far from each other. Rich people's land, eh? If you dig that type of fashion, Shinjuku is the place for you. Anyways at this point too, I may have hurt my feet a little bit (A LOT!!!). One mall, I think it's Marui, the one in front of Isetan just to be sure, they have like this cool garden at the top and I was like, chance to rest!! 


They don't have much going on to be honest, it was also freezing cold and I can't find a place to hang out on. This mall has two Starbucks but no luck. I actually haven't seen a Starbucks with like a waiting line outside. Like back in the Philippines, when Starbucks is full, people usually can't be bothered to wait outside to get in. Anyways. Then I went to another mall which has lots of cool stuff I must say. Its 8th floor specifically. If I literally found my "own" own space. I would definitely collect their like fishes/insects with its bones and nerves exposed placed in a glass vial and they're like very colorful and stuff. They also have like bones of frogs and all other nerdy cool stuff. I like it so much. Kinda pricey but I like it.


Then to my final destination. The Shinjuku Terrace City. I actually planned going here to see the lights. For some reason, I love fairy lights. If I find one, I will definitely set-up my place with some lights. They open the lights at 5pm and I was kind of early for the celebration. Also hungry so I stopped by Starbucks to warm myself up which totally didn't happen by the way because available seats are outside. But anyways.

Finally...Shinjuku 2015 illumination everybody. 

Picture above is probably my favorite out of all of them. They have a short path in the middle and crossing that just feels like magic. 


I probably crossed this path three/four times just because. LOL. If I were with friends, wouldn't have left without the most epic picture LOL. That's life. 

Even the reflection looks magical. Oh can I just say that there were policemen standing in front of this building for a good 10-15 minutes, because there was a group rallying and it's funny how almost all of us seem more interested to the lights. 

Before I actually went home, I strolled the streets a little bit more to hopefully make myself hungry and then I realized Starbucks was a wrong idea because it was quite dinner time already and I was still full. 

I enjoyed my trip to Shinjuku. I don't know if I will be back soon though. I guess I have a lot of places to explore before I decide to go back there. Maybe like in April when the Sakura is at its full bloom or something. See you guys soon.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 Selfies and Pink Sky

After work selfie. I feel really sorry for my hair. At work, we have to tie it up and you know, I'm probably doing it wrong because when shift ends and I'm already freeing it, it gets all frizzy and string-like. Got to get a deep conditioner I guess. Posting this only because I look kind of decent. Frizzy hair don't care. 

Also, uneven eyes. Can't do anything about it. Moving right along...

The moral of the story is to capture moments. This literally disappeared seconds after I took the photo. Like, what? I was owed and life lessons flooded me like tsunami. At the end of the day, I was able to do it, right? No regrets. But then it makes you think that you should have taken more than what you did. But then it's still better than not making it at all. 

Understatement really. It was more vivid in person! Anyways. 

This I saw just awhile ago. Again, an understatement. If only I could get a better shot of the mountains, gah. For starters, I kind of have a bad vision but I saw its beauty clearly. And of course the moon. 
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.