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And it snowed again!

Probably the third time we've experienced snow this year. The snow was quite unexpected. Although they did say at work that it was broadcasted, I still didn't believe it because my weather app told me otherwise. Damn you weather app. Although it did catch up later in the morning. 

The bicycle parking area already accumulated snow after a few minutes. 

One thing I didn't like about it is it's really dangerous walking thru this path. I really anticipated slipping but oh so glad it didn't happen. Paranoid. 

I thought this looks pretty. If my mom were here, I would have actually seated there for sure. 

It actually snowed harder this time than the last time. 

I was biking and was literally eating snow. Is that bad? Girl I was legit hydrated when I got home. LOL. 

From afar, it looks like there's some Hanami going on and it was really really beautiful. 

Obligatory selfie 
Winter Wonderland

The snow in the afternoon. I anticipated to slip even more this time but thank…

Hunger Games in Real Life

I strongly strongly despise terrorism. Funny how not too long ago, I was searching YouTube for videos on how Lethal Injection works. Then, I learned about these terrorists trying to kill some journalists who may have offended them but they have no right to kill people who are just trying to express themselves. They don't have the right to kill anybody in that sense. But of course that's just mainstream media. Of course they're probably doing stuff behind the scenes. 
Recently, they attacked Paris and killed journalists who worked for Charlie Hebdo and new threat has been posed for Diamalar. I wish the Diamalar staff do whatever it takes to protect themselves but if you still wish to express yourselves, do so. Pen for a pen. Yeah, right. There were also some other bombing incident related to terrorism I believe. 
But the main reason I am blogging this is because of the captured Japanese journalist and his "spy" friend. I don't know how they captured the guys a…

Bad Skin and Busy Thoughts

I think the condition of my skin already improved a lot and by lot, I mean, a lot!! I owe it to time. Because for so long, I haven't found a solution that works. I have been using a cream from my dermatologist and it seems to fix it but I don't really think it's that effective. I mean, time heal wounds. Anyways, the other day, I was asked by a co-worker and it goes something like, I know it's not my business or anything but I want to ask how long have you had those pimples and I was like, forever. And then she was like, I'll do something with it during our break. And I was like, wait, what? But then I didn't say the last part. Fast forward, she then asked me to go to the locker room with her during the break and then all she did was touch my face with her palms for like 15 minutes. I don't know what kind of sorcery is that but my body kind of felt lighter. Or maybe I just felt sleepy or something. IDK. I don't know what it has to do with my pimples. Sh…

Taking Over Shinjuku 1.13.15

I usually get pretty busy at work but this week, I got Monday and Tuesday off and on Tuesday, I decided to explore Shinjuku. Why Shinjuku you ask? I don't know too. Anyways, it was my first time commuting to Shinjuku and stuff and man I was blown away by like, everything. I actually didn't go defenseless as I searched for things to do and places to visit beforehand but uhm. No. I actually didn't end up going to any of them except for one. That's life.  

It was like 1 hour and a half train ride from my place to Shinjuku and I actually didn't enjoy the process of getting there. It was kind of tiring. Imagine being seated and tired. That kind of tired. When I got off the station, I was like, whoah. Well to be honest, finding the right exit was the only real struggle. LOL. 

So when I reached the place, I just walked and walked and kind of familiarized myself to the place a little bit. Just in case my phone dies and I wouldn't be able to use my Google Maps on my wa…

2015 Selfies and Pink Sky

After work selfie. I feel really sorry for my hair. At work, we have to tie it up and you know, I'm probably doing it wrong because when shift ends and I'm already freeing it, it gets all frizzy and string-like. Got to get a deep conditioner I guess. Posting this only because I look kind of decent. Frizzy hair don't care. 

Also, uneven eyes. Can't do anything about it. Moving right along...

The moral of the story is to capture moments. This literally disappeared seconds after I took the photo. Like, what? I was owed and life lessons flooded me like tsunami. At the end of the day, I was able to do it, right? No regrets. But then it makes you think that you should have taken more than what you did. But then it's still better than not making it at all. 

Understatement really. It was more vivid in person! Anyways. 

This I saw just awhile ago. Again, an understatement. If only I could get a better shot of the mountains, gah. For starters, I kind of have a bad vision bu…
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