Showin' my Hair sum Lovin'

January 08, 2015

Since my hair is kind of already dead, I'm now at the process of saving it. Hopefully I would be able to do so. 

I brought this hair oil and cream thingy. I haven't really used the oil yet but the cream is kind of good in taming my hair. Like, after drying it, I would just put some on the ends. It doesn't do wonders though. It just makes my hair kind of put together.  

Just the basic. Only prettier packaging. For some reason, I don't really stick to one brand when it comes to shampoo/rinse whatsoever. More often that not, I'll just but what's on sale. Hahaha cheap me. Maybe that's also why my hair's shocked everytime. I don't know. I remember this particular brand from childhood though. I remember it being good but I'm not sure. I didn't actually have a good hair even back when I was a child but yeah I have a recall that I liked this brand. 

I so envy girls that if you ask them what they do to their hair, they'd be just like, nothing really. Like, after all my HOT OIL AND HAIR SPA TREATMENT, yun yung isasagot sa akin? Hahaha but anyways, it's all good. Actually, it can be that their hair looks fab because they're not doing something to it. Diba? Sometimes we all just have to leave things alone. 

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