Let it Snow! Japan 2015.

January 05, 2015

January 1st, at around 12 in the afternoon, it snowed. I know. You know with "rain" it's kind of a blessing and it's like welcoming 2015 with a bang. Anyways, it only rained for an hour and thought I'd share pictures with you guys. I basically took these because my family back in the Philippines were asking me in December whether it's already snowing so I thought I'd snap and send them these as well. Which I already did by the way. 

It's actually not snowing everyday yet so it was more of like the first and last snow of the year so far. I mean, we're just a week ahead of 2014 aren't we? But anyways. You get the point. 

Selfie! Why, of course. Those are not dandruffs though. Snow. LOL. I love how my top matches what's happening. 

The day after, it kind of left a trace but then again the day after that, it all melted down. See you soonest, snow. 

Happy New Year!! As if I haven't greeted you guys tons already. Yay. 

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  1. wee! You have a family back here? I love snow as well, haven't experienced it yet. Would really love to travel in there one day! :)
    by the way, would you love to follow each other? let me know.



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