And it snowed again!

January 31, 2015

Probably the third time we've experienced snow this year. The snow was quite unexpected. Although they did say at work that it was broadcasted, I still didn't believe it because my weather app told me otherwise. Damn you weather app. Although it did catch up later in the morning. 

The bicycle parking area already accumulated snow after a few minutes. 

One thing I didn't like about it is it's really dangerous walking thru this path. I really anticipated slipping but oh so glad it didn't happen. Paranoid. 

I thought this looks pretty. If my mom were here, I would have actually seated there for sure. 

It actually snowed harder this time than the last time. 

I was biking and was literally eating snow. Is that bad? Girl I was legit hydrated when I got home. LOL. 

From afar, it looks like there's some Hanami going on and it was really really beautiful. 

Obligatory selfie 

Winter Wonderland

The snow in the afternoon. I anticipated to slip even more this time but thank goodness, really. 

Snow everywhere 

I don't know what really happened to this but it sure was unfortunate. 

I therefore conclude that the only thing I like about snow is that it's white everywhere. Really peaceful to look at. The cold makes my body numb though. Like, I had to place my palm in front of the heater to be able to feel it again. I was even kind of struggling to open my door like, fact.  

Fave shot

Selfie yet again


The aftermath. I didn't notice the beauty of the snow that much but the sunset though. Beautiful! 

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