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How I Spent Mother's Day 2017

Because it's always about us too, yeah? NOT. 

We went to Lalaport Ebina's Hungry Tiger to celebrate but like always, it's full and according to the on-site reservation, we wouldn't be able to enter the restaurant for the next 30 minutes so my sisters and I wandered. Also, ice cream! 
the celebrant
We were all kind of pissed off because I think an hour passed already but we weren't seated yet so...there's that. 
soup and salad set
It's been a while since I went here and again, it's somewhere we used to go to when I was a child so I'm really happy. Also we were able to celebrate our mom. 

Meat!! All day errday. Anyways, I'm really really happy to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with the Queen Bee herself. 

Tricity Tournament

Harajuku Line Shop Marion's Crepe
This is so fail! I was telling my sisters that we're gonna go to a certain crepe shop because it's the oldest shop there and when I faced the other way, I saw this. Fail. But it's not like I just guessed or something, my co-worker actually mentioned it so yeah. 

This is actually my favorite part of Harajuku. The ratchet Harajuku.

Calbee fries. I soooo recommend! If you ever go to Harajuku or like any Calbee shop, get some fries like this. It's sooo good.

Tokyu Plaza
My favorite place in Shinjuku. I'm so glad to be back. This is like Narnia's to me. Can find anything you don't probably need but want to buy anyways.

Like this template of crystals. 

Tower Selfie
Why there are so many LINE shops in Japan, I would never know. But anyways, this one we took in Shinjuku Terrace City. 
Famous Cat in Shibuya
We all know how I feel about Ichiran's Ramen but since my sisters like it there, I have no choice but to comply.

The …

Giant Kite Festival 2017

So...since my peeps arrived here, I thought of things I want to do most. And I thought, I want to do things that I used to do when I was younger. And this is so one of those!
This is not the PLACE place though. I remember there's one nearby our place and there's one that we really used to go which is like the OG place for this festivity or something. But hey, it's okay. 
the crew prepping Yas!! 
They were able to lift it but it didn't last long which I think is still consider a failure. From where we were, we saw the OG place's kite and it was up and above. 
Let's be real, the only reason why I went is so I could eat. 
Both were soo good! I wasn't able to take picture of the jyaga butter but it was also good! 
with mother dear
I really missed this. I lived here alone for 3 years now and for 3 years, I kept telling myself I would go and lo and behold. 3 is a charm! 

The school band. I can't be more happier than this lot. They were kinda shaky …

Child's Play

Voila! Sisters are here already. When I visited our isolated house in the middle of nowhere, we decided to walk around and we ended up here. It was nostalgic AF. When my lola was still around, she would always bring the kids here and there used to be a swing here and she would ride the swing with them and stuff. 

Look lola, we're all grown-ups now. 
And no, I'm definitely not the shortest among the three.  

It's not like it was before and it's almost non-functional but it is still the playground we know. OMG why is this turning to an emotional post? NOT. 
So nice to be back. It's actually a wonder to my mom why I like our house a lot despite its isolation but truth is, it makes me calm and gives me peace. Whatever that means. That's it, I guess? Ciao!

Who Killed Jason Blossom?

For starters, I am well aware that I have been posting a lot of things that are far related from my personal life. I discontinued my shikimikie blog for that sole reason but anyways, I can't just let this go. So here we go.
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12: Anatomy of a Murder. 
FP Jones confessed that he killed Jason Blossom but did he really do it? Well, it's not really something he is not capable of doing but judging by the way he said he's not a killer to Jughead a few episodes ago, I knew that he did not do it for sure. 
Let's just go through my list of who I think have done it. 
I actually thought Jughead killed Jason Blossom. It's not much of a thought really. Just guessing. Also, he's the least likely person to commit the crime. 
Hermione Lodge. As much as I like the aura of this woman, she's shady AF. 
Veronica Lodge. Also as shady as her mother. But maybe not. 
Ms. Grundy. Because I still don't know her business in this show. 
I also guessed Jason Blosso…
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.