Giant Kite Festival 2017

May 11, 2017

So...since my peeps arrived here, I thought of things I want to do most. And I thought, I want to do things that I used to do when I was younger. And this is so one of those!


This is not the PLACE place though. I remember there's one nearby our place and there's one that we really used to go which is like the OG place for this festivity or something. But hey, it's okay. 

the crew prepping

They were able to lift it but it didn't last long which I think is still consider a failure. From where we were, we saw the OG place's kite and it was up and above. 


Let's be real, the only reason why I went is so I could eat. 


Both were soo good! I wasn't able to take picture of the jyaga butter but it was also good! 

with mother dear

I really missed this. I lived here alone for 3 years now and for 3 years, I kept telling myself I would go and lo and behold. 3 is a charm! 

The school band. I can't be more happier than this lot. They were kinda shaky and tense on their first few performances but they were able to pull off towards the end and hey, all that matters, yeah? 

The scenery! Okay, this is actually in the morning when I was from work but still relevant.

province life

Of all the bad things I have said about how far is our house from everywhere, this is one good thing I could say. IT IS SOOOO REFRESHING. 

I mean, I don't actually live in an urban kind of place but man, our house is in the most rural of the ruralest. That's not even a word. Also, not really. LOL. That's it, I guess? Bye!

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