Who Killed Jason Blossom?

May 05, 2017

For starters, I am well aware that I have been posting a lot of things that are far related from my personal life. I discontinued my shikimikie blog for that sole reason but anyways, I can't just let this go. So here we go.

Riverdale Season 1 Episode 12: Anatomy of a Murder. 

FP Jones confessed that he killed Jason Blossom but did he really do it? Well, it's not really something he is not capable of doing but judging by the way he said he's not a killer to Jughead a few episodes ago, I knew that he did not do it for sure. 

Let's just go through my list of who I think have done it. 

I actually thought Jughead killed Jason Blossom. It's not much of a thought really. Just guessing. Also, he's the least likely person to commit the crime. 

Hermione Lodge. As much as I like the aura of this woman, she's shady AF. 

Veronica Lodge. Also as shady as her mother. But maybe not. 

Ms. Grundy. Because I still don't know her business in this show. 

I also guessed Jason Blossom committed suicide or hired someone to  kill him. But maybe not.

I can go on and go on with my list because for all we know, everyone is my suspect except FP Jones. The irony of it all, right? BTW, I just Googled and found out FP means Forsythe Pendleton. Now, can we take a moment and appreciate that name? Also, let's admit that Southside Serpent sounds badass. Anyways. I also conclude that FP is a much better parent in his own ways than Jug's bitchy mother who wouldn't even let her OWN KID crash the couch. Are you kidding me? The kid didn't do anything to deserve that. Man, he was so heart broken. 

Okay so fast forward. When Kevin Keller and SS Joaquin were parting ways, Joaquin gave something to Kevin that he said he can't say in front of the other kids and that led them to the varsity jacket. Now, let's appreciate Betty Cooper's cleverness in this one. She found out that the pocket has a hole in the lining whatsoever and that's how she found the USB that contained footage of Jason Blossom's shooting. It was Clifford Blossom. But why? When the police came, they found out Clifford's body hanging and lifeless. Did he hang himself though? I don't think so. Man, the Blossoms are definitely something else. 

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