Tricity Tournament

May 16, 2017

Harajuku Line Shop
Marion's Crepe

This is so fail! I was telling my sisters that we're gonna go to a certain crepe shop because it's the oldest shop there and when I faced the other way, I saw this. Fail. But it's not like I just guessed or something, my co-worker actually mentioned it so yeah. 

This is actually my favorite part of Harajuku. The ratchet Harajuku.

Calbee fries. I soooo recommend! If you ever go to Harajuku or like any Calbee shop, get some fries like this. It's sooo good.

Tokyu Plaza

My favorite place in Shinjuku. I'm so glad to be back. This is like Narnia's to me. Can find anything you don't probably need but want to buy anyways.

Like this template of crystals. 

Tower Selfie

Why there are so many LINE shops in Japan, I would never know. But anyways, this one we took in Shinjuku Terrace City. 

Famous Cat in Shibuya

We all know how I feel about Ichiran's Ramen but since my sisters like it there, I have no choice but to comply.

The only item in the menu that I really liked.

Shibuya. Always my favorite city. But for some personal reasons, I'm kinda having second thoughts about the city already. Kinda. Anyways, I'm not making any sense as always but who cares, right? 

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