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Saizeriya Japan

If you don't know Saizeriya, you haven't been around Japan because this restaurant is everywhere! It's basically an Italian fast food chain where you can eat lotsa food. Not only Italian, like they do serve some Japanese food as well. 
Always always have to have Pizza. Because. I don't know what's addicting with Pizzas but you know, it's just addicting. 

Ribeye steak grilled goodness
I guess this one is easy to guess because I have been blogging about this meal for so long haha. Ciao!

My 24th Birthday

Bought these from 7/11 because really, why not? I was supposed to buy an actual cake but reality check, I don't need the calories. Thanks sister for reminding me that. She's even meaner saying I should have just bought one. For goodness sake, it's mah birthday. Also, they're cupcakes. 

It was rather a very rainy day and because I don't have an umbrella, I spent my morning at McDonald's in hope that the rain would stop. IT DIDN'T. I ended up buying an umbrella. That's just me. Bringing and forgetting the umbrella at opposite times. Here's a story. There's this guy at my workplace that they tease me to. Also a good friend of mine. He came up to me Friday and jokingly he was like, what are you doing on Valentine's Day? And I was like, "what is it to you?" And he was like, "can we go out on Valentine's Day?" And even though I know he's just kidding around (always do that anyways) I told him I cannot because it's my…

Pink is the New Red

It's this new Red Bull Spring Edition. I'm not usually a fan of energy drinks because you know, coffee is my ish but then again I was tempted to try these because why not? 

Energy drinks in general doesn't really do it for me. If anything, it helps me sleep better and faster after drinking some. It's kind of a big deal here in Japan because most Japanese are workaholics that they really need help in the energy department that's why it's kind of a big deal here in Japan.

The pink bull looks like this. It's pretty! It's in time for Sakura and I understand if people want to drink this then. It's a very mild flavor that I ain't even mad of this. 
In time for Valentine's Day, this product appeared. Basically a pink and blue edition for her and his. Whatever it is they have to do on Valentine's day together that requires energy, quite a cool concept. I know what you did there. Anyways.

Grape flavored red bull
It's not bad either. I like the pin…

This Park again and again

After a long time, I get to visit this park again. I was actually so happy because I get to share the beauty of the park. 

I don't get why he was so amused by this cow. Why? Haha

The cow really did not care. Such a badass. Like, she would look at us once and then look away and eat grass. Repeat. She did not even try. Haha

Also entered their bird house and it was nice. I wish they build a bigger cage though. It's a little bit crowded for all of them there. 
Colorful bird
Then we enter the feeding cage whatever and it was awesome. 

It was our first time seeing these babies. Not sure what they are exactly but most likely chickens hahaha. 

Then we also get to feed most of them with carrots and we were saying that they're really doing it right because it's a nice learning and fun experience for kids (and the like) and all the animals there get to eat. 
 Also, even though it's Winter, they still have this flower mosaic thing going on so yeah it was still kind of pretty. Also the…

Now I'm a Slytherin

For all of you who don't know, Pottermore kind of reinvented itself and comes that is a new sorting ceremony thingy where you can choose to keep your house or to actually be re-sorted. To be honest, I kind of forgot my former house already. I was very confused because I used to have two accounts. First was Slytherin (an account given to me) and Gryffindor (I got sorted to this). I think I actually identified myself a little bit to both already so I was just like, okay, one final sorting and I'm done. It turns out I'm a Slytherin afterall. 

People change. I think that's what J.K. is trying to point out. A little bit too realistic if you ask me. 

With my wand though, it's still the same. Wood and core! It's a little bit longer now though. I guess I would be able to do more magic with longer wand so I'm not mad. 

Also, it's a possibility that I am just an exchange at Hogwarts. Ciao!

McDonald's Chocolate Fries

I actually tried this because I saw Kinoshita Yuka tried a lot of this fries and she liked it and I was like, would my opinion differ? Hahaha

Really really skeptical about this because I'm like, salty and sweet? I like salted caramel though but chocolate and fries? Mmm...

Basically, what you'd get is regular fries with that white and regular chocolate sauce thing that you squeeze and it would be like the picture below.

I sometimes like dipping my fries in my Chocolate Sundae but I like to dipping it in ketchup more. I honestly think eating fries on its own is better than this. Sorry. Although I could see that some people would really love this. I don't hate it though. I'm just not a fan of it. Ciao!

Cooking for the Fam!

Now that lola's in heaven, it's my mom's duty to prepare food for everyone. Whilst I was there, I had an opportunity to do that as well.
With instant packages available, it's actually a lot easier to prepare food nowadays. But you know, the ultimate goal is to know how to make things from scratch. Well I kinda know how to but execution is more difficult. 
Can I just say that the beef took forever to become tender. After boiling it for an hour and a half, my mom was like, I can't really do anything about it so maybe I should stop there. And so I did. What are they feeding these cows anyways? I reckon RUBBER. It was actually good. Minus the beef haha. 

Not all chunk was hard though. There were still some edible pieces. And guess who enjoyed the really rubberized cut? SHIKI (my dog) who was sick that time. We don't waste food at our house. We have plenty of dogs to even worry about left-overs. 
I liked the carbonara. Ciao! :)

Awake during Rhinoplasty

Not for vanity. For correction. Although I consider it semi-vain because I had a surgery that resulted to what doctors would call acceptable but that's not the point. I know I'm not making any sense right now so let me just make it clear a lil bit. I had a cleft lip surgery way back when I was maybe 4 months old. I didn't have any follow-up surgery because my doctor made like all the surgery needed at once. I think. I wish I could show you pictures but I can't find one to share so...
SURGERY: It was an out-patient operation that started around 8am and ended 11am. My mom and I was there at around 7. The nurse handed me a consent form, filled that out, handed it back to the nurse, and the nurse already called me into the changing room to get dressed. So my mind was like not prepared because I thought I'd be with mama a little longer but anyways. I was actually consious during that time (as planned) and I know what's up. I believe that there are five people in the …

Music 21 Sayonara Partei

As per usual, we decided to celebrate our final days together with songs. 

My little sisters are not so little anymore. My friends and I are always at awe on how they grow up so fast. Like my bestfriend was telling me how back in the day when we were still in highshool, and she would go to our house, we shoo them away (ehem Mari) because they're like ever so annoying and would either knock endlessly and do some random papansin. And now, they're like literally taller than us na. Also, everytime my friend Diana would ask, she would always be like, high school na ba sila? 
Random note, I actually celebrated my 18th Birthday with friends here. With them actually. And other friends from both my highschool and university. 

Cat showed no mercy to others by singing familiar songs even though it wasn't for her. Bless her. Haha

It was overall a very nice catch-up. Can I just say that I literally just saw Diana twice. Lame. Why do I have workaholic friends? 
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