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The Good Samaritan?

When I was furnishing my new apartment, I came across this recycle shop and then I decided to buy stuff from there, right? They were selling washing machine at around 6000 yen and mind you, they really have their game up because after looking at a few stores, they sell the cheapest washing machines I've seen. I'm pretty aware of some extra fees though. Delivery, tax, and all the fuzz!! And then since I know next to nothing about setting up this machinery, I have to pay for that too!! Not only that!! Because my hose is different from the "normal", they have to charge it differently. I think it was like 2500 yen for assembly. And feeling defenseless, I agreed. Besides, if you add it all up, it's still cheaper than other washing machines alone. Like, win-win, right? Delivery day, two guys came. Blonde and brunette! And the blonde assembled the machine. It was hella quick. And then when brunette left, blonde asked me whether I was charged for the assembly. And I don…

Mum Thinks I Need These

So my mom sent me stuff from the Philippines via papa so it means party time for me. These are the stuff that I got. 

This is the baggage I got. I get too keep all of it. Like, I'm actually surprised my dad agreed to carry these all. Like, I probably would hesitate to bring this. Joke!! 

I got a laptop bag which unfortunately is kind of too small for my new laptop but then again I would actually buy a smaller laptop so this is okay. Will save it for later if you may. 

I got dresses. Like, lots of it. You know, when I was actually thinking of buying stuff, my mom told me not to buy anything just yet because she told me she have loads of dress for me and heck yeah. She was absolutely right. Can I just say that this picture is no match for the actual stuff she got me. I was actually trying to reinvent my closet but the stuff I got is more of my current style so maybe not yet. Oh also, scarves. As you may have seen from the first picture. Also pimples. Don't ask. 

I got a shoes t…

Sakuragicho Escapade.

Hola!! Just want to share with you what happened when we went to Sakuragicho. It was quite a short trip but then again, I had fun. Excuse my sun block studded face. I didn't know we're using flash photography here. Hahahaha

I went with my friend and she went with two of her friends and yeah at the end of the day, I gained two new friends. It's quite rude but to be honest, I don't quite remember their names. New friends nonetheless. 

I like how Europey this place is. Like to the point where it's confusing. It only looks Europey in this place. 

Titanic. I only called this place titanic because I don't really know what this ship is called. 

Selfie. Loves it! 

It's a pretty good spot for jogging as well because it's kinda huge. Wish I live nearby because girl! We all need I could use some of that. 

Sakuragicho at night is just breathtaking. Like, I can't even. It's like so wonderful and magical and even though there's not much to see, I can'…
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