Mum Thinks I Need These

October 05, 2014

So my mom sent me stuff from the Philippines via papa so it means party time for me. These are the stuff that I got. 

This is the baggage I got. I get too keep all of it. Like, I'm actually surprised my dad agreed to carry these all. Like, I probably would hesitate to bring this. Joke!! 

I got a laptop bag which unfortunately is kind of too small for my new laptop but then again I would actually buy a smaller laptop so this is okay. Will save it for later if you may. 

I got dresses. Like, lots of it. You know, when I was actually thinking of buying stuff, my mom told me not to buy anything just yet because she told me she have loads of dress for me and heck yeah. She was absolutely right. Can I just say that this picture is no match for the actual stuff she got me. I was actually trying to reinvent my closet but the stuff I got is more of my current style so maybe not yet. Oh also, scarves. As you may have seen from the first picture. Also pimples. Don't ask. 

I got a shoes that is very much needed because my shoes already submitted its resignation letter to me and I got a book that's apparently bought by my sister for me. Thanks sissy. Only that mom told me she payed for it. It's the thought that counts yeah?

I got some LVs yo!! They're fake but then again I don't really need the authentic stuff yet. I am content with that one authentic LV bag my mom passed on to me. I don't have use for it to be honest. That's all I have to say. See yeah!

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