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Taking Over Nakameguro. 3.30.15

Hello! I went to Nakameguro because I was supposed to meet with my friends at Ueno but then I was so early for our call time so I just went to Nakameguro first to kind of take photos and stuff and so I did. 

Can I just say that I was amazed on how beautiful the surrounding is. Very beautiful everywhere. It's very wintery looking. 

I took so many selfies like I don't really care. Most of the people here in Japan really don't care what your business is but you know, it's just me. 

Duck. There are so many ducks swimming and it was such nice view. I mean, probably amazing how they feel swimming while the flowers are falling everywhere. 

Vintage looking house. I like the effect of Sakura and the vintage house.  

I took photos of it quite a lot that I think people are wondering why. Or who knows? Is this vintage house a thing? 

Nakameguro Bridge

Nakameguro is probably the best place for Hanami. Hundreds of Sakura trees lined up is just so nice to look at. The river is the r…

Spring is Promising. Sakura 2015

I recently went to Kamoi to give something to an auntie there and last year, when I was here in this place, Sakura is in its full glory, it didn't show up that much this time of the year yet but it's promising. 
Sakura is already on its way.

I know it already bloomed at some areas such as Tokyo and stuff but here in Kanagawa, not much. 

I will always appreciate places in Japan like this. Somehow untouched. A place to take a stroll, breathe in fresh air, take a minute of silence from the busy world waiting outside. You know! 

Good to see my shadow is intact. Who sew it? ;) not Wendy. I don't know if I like Wendy actually. Mmmm...

Scenic! But I would appreciate it more if there were colorful flowers. 

Nonetheless, gorgeous. 

More Sakura

I'd say 1 week more. Almost there! Can't wait to be back. I don't know. There are a lot of places to see. So little time! 
Hello Spring
I saw them swimming at first but when I came back and thought of taking a picture…

New Camera! | Canon EOS Kiss X7

Hola! I bought a camera. I always wanted this type of camera but I don't really have a use for it and I don't want to spend my money on stuff I don't really need. Much. But now, I was like, eff that! It's not that I asked anyone for money to buy this stuff, right? 

Also hesitant to buy Canon because for some reason, my first ever Digital Camera, Canon, kind of had a defective lens and I was like, if it happened before, it might happen again now. My logic. But then I might actually broke that camera myself so whatevs. 
Canon vs Nikon? I was like, okay here we go again. I was supposed to buy the Nikon D3300 but this Canon I bought is kind of cuter than that Nikon and it's much cheaper. I think. And it's touch screen. I am not a fan of the touch screen feature at first but I was like, mmm...that's kind of nice. Being a newbie, I mean, it's always nice to be able to operate something I know how to operate, right? Cannot focus, huh? Touch the screen out of …

My Big Furry Monster

Shiki! I am actually inspired to do this post because I recently saw Tinker Bell's newest sequel, The Legend of the Neverbeast (twice). I was really touched by the movie. I think they should make a movie featuring each one of the pixies. Tink, check! Zarina, check! Fawn, check! You know what I mean? I just love the whole idea of Pixie Hollow. 
I asked mom to send me a picture of Shiki and out of the 20 plus photos that she sent, this is probably the most decent. Mom said Shiks doesn't like the camera much. Just like how Gruff avoided Fawn at first. Speaking of Shiki. I think he's kinda like Gruff in a lot of ways. I do think that he's protecting us in his own mysterious ways. Most of my family members don't get it because he's always barking and always loud but for whatever it is, who knows? Maybe he's actually trying to protect us. I totally get them though. So when I'm home and he would do that, I would instantly go down to his place and calm him dow…

Raise your Glass

I am a fan of "sours" lately. Basically these are Japanese alcoholic cocktails that are super yummy. Ume sour is probobly my favorite. I don't know. There's just something with ume and myself lately. Should I find a non-alcoholic version of an ume drink, I'm down for it. I'm such a responsible adult that I even told my mom about it. I told her I was drinking it that moment and that it is alcoholic. No reply. Haha

Can we just appreciate this a little bit? I mean, this is serious business. The clouds ringing the mountains looks gorge! Little things like this, ugh! Makes my heart jump, really. Anyways what I really want to do is that I want to talk with you about this. You know I have this crush at work, right? I mean, he's cute but for some reason, without us even talking, my aunties think that I'm like head over heels already. I mean, I'm not that desperate. I don't feel like that towards him you know. I just don't get why they would think…

Being Lied to Hurts

I haven't necessarily experienced this (recently). But then I actually witnessed how someone was told a lie and how he unveiled the truth by himself. Basically there were three persons telling the lie and then I think he was getting suspicious that doing one act would prove him right and so he did. And boy was he right. 
He then hysterically called us all and basically scolded us. He was really shouting and even cursing at us and I don't usually like this person when he does that for no reason (which he does a lot of times)  but when he did it yesterday, I was actually happy for him. Happy that he was able to let some anger out. Because for once I think he deserves to know the truth. 
But can you imagine? Three people told you a lie and then finding out the truth in less than an hour? That might not hurt as much as finding out you're being lied to for a decade or something but you get what I mean, right? The feeling that at that moment, someone (this time 3) thinks you do…

White Day 2015

White Day is when guys give chocolates to the girls they like. Since White Day is kind of irrelevant for me, I will make it relevant for myself. I bought myself chocolates! Again, we all know that this is just but an excuse for me to buy and eat chocolates. These are some chocolates that I bought.
 Ghana Black I usually have after meal. I mean, not the whole bar all by myself but like two to three squares of it. It kind of wraps up my meal which is good because it usually means I wouldn't want to eat more. And it also makes me feel like a grown-up. Haha  I like my chocolates with biscuits. The bamboo shoots choco have been out for as long as I could remember and have really been my favorite ever since. Thanks Demi for introducing it to me! 

But this chocorantan I only discovered recently because of 木下ゆうか but I don't know how I feel about it. It's candied. I actually don't enjoy candied chocolates that much. It's kind of that sharp candy thing that I kind of worried …

Dinner for one

I have been living in Japan for 11 months now. I'm almost used to eating alone which is great but then kinda sad too but that's not the point. Sometimes I just think of it as a blessing because not all people can eat outside.

Yesterday, I went to Tokyo to look for something and I actually planned to eat there but since it's already late, and it's rush hour, almost all the places were full and so I decided to eat at my station's Saizeriya. 

This is what I ended up with. Lately, I've been craving for rice. I tried to avoid eating rice for a while (a week). Then vaguely, I ordered hamburger. Like, before, I used to really like hamburger steaks but then I realize that I am more into the real steak but yeah sometimes it's good to turn back. 

I really enjoyed my meal. See yah!

New Calbee Potato Chips!

When I saw this at the convenience store, I freaked out a little bit because I don't know. I do love KFC and I do love Calbee chips and I was like, them together? Let's see. 

It says boneless Kentucky and it also says it's crispy and salt flavored. 

I must admit that I was disappointed. I didn't get the chicken taste to it to be honest. It was more of a salt and pepper taste which is not actually a bad thing. It's just that the packaging promised quite a lot (at least for me). 

This I was honestly really nervous to try because I love me some ume but there are times when you kind of predict that it wouldn't go with certain food you know and this time mayo? 

I like dipping salt flavored chips to mayonnaise because you know! Can't get enough of the calories! Haha if you don't know what ume taste like, it is salty and sour at the same time. Yup. 

I like them! Like, I really like them. It has a very subtle ume and mayo flavor to them which makes it very eas…
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