Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bonjour, August!

It's Agosto, everyone. Time flies when you're having fun. Meh time flies in general and there's nothing I can do about it really so I think I just have to do what I have to do while I'm at it. I have nothing much stored this month actually. It's been very busy at work last month so whatever free time I may get, I want to use for rest/sleep/netflix. Also, I kinda want to go to Tokyo alone like I always did. I just confused myself there haha anyways. 

Also, this is my new lock screen. It means ONE DAY AT A TIME in French. I think this is relevant considering we're halfway through with this year and I can't even recall what year we're in. I'm stuck at 2011, I guess? It's where I messed everything up so yeah. I don't like the weather all that much. It's messed up like my mind. This time last year, I didn't expect I'd go through the same thing again this year. Even worst this time, darling. But hey, just like the days, I must keep moving forward. Oh my goodness I think August is not my lucky month. Well July actually. It's where my bad luck happens and I get to suffer August. Oh.Good thing though that I get to start this month kind of rested because it's my kind of off. My goodness the boom boom pow of negativity in this post. But hey, the Pensieve hold some grungy memories too, yeah? 

You know what? Can I just spend my life in Paris right now? For like a week? Anywhere but here is good. It's not that I hate this place though. It's just that I feel suffocated. I want to watch Frozen and sing at the top of my lungs. Anyways, enough with the kaartehan. Ciao!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Calbee Curry Chips

They nailed it. OMG I thought it will be another lame product but this line was actually good. But you know, still don't get why they're constantly releasing lotsa flavors. Back in my time, it's just original and nori. And it was okay. Now, it's all confusing what to get. Anyways. 

Can't really choose which I like better but I really enjoyed both flavors. They both have their signature. 

This one is kind of spicy but tolerable. It's a delicious curry flavor actually. I'm kind of tired of fake tasting flavors of chips but this one is legit. It really taste like you're eating your regular KARE so to speak. 

This one though! It's more hot than it is spicy but I still like it. This actually reminds me of when I had dinner with my friend Maya at this Indian/Nepali restaurant. Both of this I recommend. Man, it was good. Ciao! 


Monday, 25 July 2016

What's on my iPhone 6s?

Still no definite feels whether I like this or my iPhone 6 plus better. But hey. It's the perfect size and the perfect everything. I like it. I haven't done one of this for so long so here it goes. 

The wallpaper. I was never one of those who likes to put their faces in here. Totally not judging though. Just saying. What I do though is Pinterest for relevant wallpapers and I usually change this quite a lot depending on my needs. It's very nice you know.

The first page. From this we can conclude that I don't have much from this phone. I've had 5 iPhones my whole life and I actually haven't exceeded 3 pages so far. But recently they do have this folder thingy so maybe that's why. 

Can I just share that if you haven't already, do fill out your Health app. The one with the heart. It's an Apple default app and you know, who knows when it will come handy, right? 

Second page is for Social Media. Can I just say that Netflix app is my thing? I like it. Especially when I have my face mask on and I have to lye down for my skin to absorb it. It's great. 

 I also have a folder for photo editing which I really don't use that much. Lately, I've been just auto-correcting pictures directly from the default photo editor of the phone. And sometimes I use Line Camera and use the photo filter "clear" so I can fake being a good photographer which I am totally not most of the time.

The games I play. Basically the boring ones. I don't even play Bakery Story 2. I donwloaded it because my sister Mika asked me to because she wanted to compete but I haven't heard from her about this since. Tamad sisters! Don't even get me started with Mari. Hahahaha

Also, I just found a scanner that works. I must have been stupid before because of none of those that I downloaded worked. But now, I'm kind of an expert. Bring me those codes! ;) Ciao!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wildest Dreams OH~

Okay so this is how it started. I was a nurse intern (why though?) at this mall and apparently, it was my first day. The doctor was orienting me because you know, clueless here. I was even handed the clipboard that nurses use.

 Then my sister Mari came. She was like, with the meanest voice, "bitch, what are you doing here?" And in my head, I was like, "oh no, you didn't". The fight went physical. She pulled my hair and I pulled hers. Man, I was so pissed. And then for some reason, we moved on from the fight but I was still at the mall.

 Then there was an event at the garden (which looks like an arena) where they're having this Sakura illumination much like what happened in Sea Paradise. So yeah there's that. And then I was like, too pretty not to blog so I did take some pictures, right? So I was like at the top of the arena, and then at the bottom stairs, there was a creepy man and he was pointing to my phone. At this point he was actually very far away so I don't know how he caught up. He snatched my bag with my phone in it and he ran away. Then! I don't know how there were lots of people who were after my bag all of a sudden. And then this snatcher threw things out of my bag as he go. And then I picked most of it because duh! I own the bag. So yeah. And then he was like, holding a gun all of a sudden and he asked everyone to turn around and climb the stairs to the top of the arena. I was actually in the middle of the stairs chillin because I mean, if someone's gonna die, it's probably not I. So yeah I looked behind me to check if he was still at the bottom, yes. When I looked again, goodness he was gone so you know my initial thought was he was probably at the middle already and coming after me but that's where that scenario ended. Thank goodness. 

I then went inside the mall and it was chaotic! Mind you! I know Hunger Games when I see one, darling. My sisters and I were on a team and we were killing people (not really) from other teams. At this point though it should be noted that we were literally TIGRESSES. I remember killing a family of pandas and fawns to keep my sisters safe. Needless to say, it was a weird dream. Anyways, that's all! Ciao! 


Saturday, 16 July 2016

New Calbee Potato Chips.

Huge fan of potato chips. In fact, it's my guilty pleasure. Sometimes even though I don't feel like eating the whole bag, I do! Just because. It's a problem. Anyways.

Calbee is my favorite potato chips brand and they do come up with new flavors a lot but I feel like that they're doubling up this time for some reason. Coming up with flavors week after week. 


 Needless to say, Wasabi is my least favorite. Shio is okay. Ume is good. I probably won't buy anything from this line though but it's not totally a disaster. 

Garlic Soy Sauce

Not really a fan but generally a good flavor and I did enjoy actually.

Sour and Cream

What could go wrong with good old sour and cream, right? This was awesome. Not quite remarkable though but it was delish. Anyways, ciao! 

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Favorite but Deleted Instagrams

These are my deleted Instagram photos because for some reason, I feel like going for a themed Instagram and these are kind of off themed? So yeah whatever. From 200 plus post, only 20 plus remained as of this writing. Check out my Instagram if you want to.

My very first Instagram. Way back 2013, I believe. We took this at lola's room over at my auntie's house in Cavite. 

This is a sign I found at UST Botanical Garden where I used to have some courses.  Mine is Violet. What's yours? 

I cross-stitched this because for some reason, I feel like I should be here. Parisian by heart perhaps. Also, a friend from Sydney said it doesn't look like the Eiffel Tower at all. How dare he! Haha

Sunset at Bataan. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever watched in my life. I'm a sucker at this kind of things.
National Kidney Transplant Institution. Rushed lola to this hospital because it was where his doctor was during the time she had difficulty in breathing. It was also the day my lola was supposed to get her first Dialysis session. It was moved to a later date by the way. 

Thesis. I mean, man, I don't even know how we made it thru this hell. This was the most stressed I've been my whole Internship. Maybe not. Hahaha of course I've been more stressed.

My nail polish during my graduation day. It was a match to my dress that time.

When I knew  for sure that I passed the MTLEX, I was like, "new life, new hair." Probably the shortest haircut I rocked since elementary school. Oh can I just share that when I was probably 4-5, my lola took me and my cousin to this barber shop near our place and I literally cried when my hair was getting cut. Mukhang tanga lang. Hahaha 

Daranak and Batlag falls was so amazing!! Waters were tested and they were fine, darling.

My routine. I am a Medical Technologist in case you didn't know. And this was routine for me back then. I kind of miss it.

Disney with my mama. One of the best times of my life ever. Although I still regret that I made her ride that Starjet thing because it made us both dizzy. 

New Year (2015). I was both happy and sad during this time. You know the drill. 

Minato Mirai is probably a place I would love to hate. But I can't. Sometimes I need to have something to look at and realize how far I've gone from there. Well. 

South Korea was wonderful. I see myself going back there. A lot!! I feel like I belong, you know? Lotte World was my favorite. 

Childhood haven. I'm so happy to be able to come back after maybe more than 10 years of not going. It was familiar and at the same time strange. 

Anyways, that's just some of my Instagram favorites. Ciao!

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Me Before You Movie Ramblings

I watched this the other day and gracious goodness. What do I do? What can I say? I actually don't know how I feel about it. I kind of like it. I kind of feel like nothing much happened though. Should I read the book? Shouldn't I? I should.

It gets dark

Mercy killing. Am I in favor? Yes. But it depends. I only feel like it's morally right if it's the decision of the main person involved. I mean, I get that Louisa Clark wanted to change Will Traynor because you know, human nature. But I also get where's Will decision came from. It was his life and he has his reasons. The situation being that he was paralyzed neck down. I mean, he basically cannot function so there was nothing he can do much if we're basing it from his previous lifestyle whatever. We can say whatever we want but at the end of the day, it was his life. He has the right what to do with it. 

I mean, he did live the life he wanted. They showed a video of him having all the fun in the world and stuff so I wouldn't say he wasted his life for nothing. Also, 6 months of allowance and thinking would have changed his mind but he was really decided so what can we do? Anyways and then there's this borrowed life thing again with the church and so we digress. To avoid trouble. In 3...2...1

Funky fur
Nothing screams grandma fashion louder than this, I think. 
Versace, honey 

Actually, I just wanted to take the chance to showcase this "borrowed from your grandma's closet" fashion thing scenario going on in the movie. So here. All handed to me by mom from lola's closet. Posh, eh? 

PS: Sweetheart, if you haven't seen the movie, remember this shot because it will destroy you. Not joking. You've been warned. That's all. Ciao. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Rhinoplasty | 6 mos. Post-Op

For all of you who didn't know, I had my nose done six months ago and from then, it improved a lot. No more swelling, I guess? When touched (should I be touching?), it still feels kind of stiff but way better than before (oops). I like how it kind of feels more natural now. I probably got used to it or something. I should be taking care of it more though I think. When exposed to cold weather, it turns red which kind of freaks me out but yeah, in general, great improvement. I have very sensitive skin so if I get a pimple on my nose, I kind of freak-out because you know, what if it's an infection or something? Oh, World Wide Web. You give me mini heart attacks sometimes. Also, now, I don't really get bothered by my sleeping position but I should really be careful. No one really wants a displaced implant. I know that it will still get better over time so I will probably update you one last time about my rhinoplasty. I probably already told you but I remember my surgeon said that what you see in 6 months is what you'll see in 1 year. So talk to you about this then. Ciao!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

My Top 12 Snapchat Filters!!!

Except probably for its filters, I don't use Snapchat as much. It's just me in denial that I have to have another social media account. Also, I made an effort not to follow interesting people so that I could have what seems to be a very little amount of life left.


 The rest below I kind of find cute and are not arranged in any ways whatsoever. 

This is probably the most popular filter of them all and I can actually see why. This is adorable. 

This is the most popular to girls I feel like. I like this but not as much as I like the neon lights.

Seriously, I think this is the stuff they use in shooting Encantadia or something. Lol

Fox thing

I actually don't know what the second  frame's filter is. Rabbit? Mouse? Anyways. Snapchat when you're bored is just everything. It's interactive and just plain fun. You just have to do it. 

Oh my goodness speaking of orders, this is my second favorite of all. Like, who wouldn't like this? This is errthing. 

Am I the one who sees Alex Vause in this? Is it the hair? Hahaha or is it just me wishing upon the stars? Yes. Just me.

Aye, Captain

That's all I got! Basically how it works is that everyday, they have this set of filters available and some are kind of permanent but there will be like 2 or 3 or 4 new filters to try everyday so yeah that's fun. Ciao!
You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.