Favorite but Deleted Instagrams

July 14, 2016

These are my deleted Instagram photos because for some reason, I feel like going for a themed Instagram and these are kind of off themed? So yeah whatever. From 200 plus post, only 20 plus remained as of this writing. Check out my Instagram if you want to. http://instagram.com/satomikie

My very first Instagram. Way back 2013, I believe. We took this at lola's room over at my auntie's house in Cavite. 

This is a sign I found at UST Botanical Garden where I used to have some courses.  Mine is Violet. What's yours? 

I cross-stitched this because for some reason, I feel like I should be here. Parisian by heart perhaps. Also, a friend from Sydney said it doesn't look like the Eiffel Tower at all. How dare he! Haha

Sunset at Bataan. It was the most beautiful sunset I have ever watched in my life. I'm a sucker at this kind of things.
National Kidney Transplant Institution. Rushed lola to this hospital because it was where his doctor was during the time she had difficulty in breathing. It was also the day my lola was supposed to get her first Dialysis session. It was moved to a later date by the way. 

Thesis. I mean, man, I don't even know how we made it thru this hell. This was the most stressed I've been my whole Internship. Maybe not. Hahaha of course I've been more stressed.

My nail polish during my graduation day. It was a match to my dress that time.

When I knew  for sure that I passed the MTLEX, I was like, "new life, new hair." Probably the shortest haircut I rocked since elementary school. Oh can I just share that when I was probably 4-5, my lola took me and my cousin to this barber shop near our place and I literally cried when my hair was getting cut. Mukhang tanga lang. Hahaha 

Daranak and Batlag falls was so amazing!! Waters were tested and they were fine, darling.

My routine. I am a Medical Technologist in case you didn't know. And this was routine for me back then. I kind of miss it.

Disney with my mama. One of the best times of my life ever. Although I still regret that I made her ride that Starjet thing because it made us both dizzy. 

New Year (2015). I was both happy and sad during this time. You know the drill. 

Minato Mirai is probably a place I would love to hate. But I can't. Sometimes I need to have something to look at and realize how far I've gone from there. Well. 

South Korea was wonderful. I see myself going back there. A lot!! I feel like I belong, you know? Lotte World was my favorite. 

Childhood haven. I'm so happy to be able to come back after maybe more than 10 years of not going. It was familiar and at the same time strange. 

Anyways, that's just some of my Instagram favorites. Ciao!

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  1. Great photos and memories! I've deleted quite a few posts as well. It's hard to keep up a theme.

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