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July 10, 2016

I watched this the other day and gracious goodness. What do I do? What can I say? I actually don't know how I feel about it. I kind of like it. I kind of feel like nothing much happened though. Should I read the book? Shouldn't I? I should.

It gets dark

Mercy killing. Am I in favor? Yes. But it depends. I only feel like it's morally right if it's the decision of the main person involved. I mean, I get that Louisa Clark wanted to change Will Traynor because you know, human nature. But I also get where's Will decision came from. It was his life and he has his reasons. The situation being that he was paralyzed neck down. I mean, he basically cannot function so there was nothing he can do much if we're basing it from his previous lifestyle whatever. We can say whatever we want but at the end of the day, it was his life. He has the right what to do with it. 

I mean, he did live the life he wanted. They showed a video of him having all the fun in the world and stuff so I wouldn't say he wasted his life for nothing. Also, 6 months of allowance and thinking would have changed his mind but he was really decided so what can we do? Anyways and then there's this borrowed life thing again with the church and so we digress. To avoid trouble. In 3...2...1

Funky fur
Nothing screams grandma fashion louder than this, I think. 
Versace, honey 

Actually, I just wanted to take the chance to showcase this "borrowed from your grandma's closet" fashion thing scenario going on in the movie. So here. All handed to me by mom from lola's closet. Posh, eh? 

PS: Sweetheart, if you haven't seen the movie, remember this shot because it will destroy you. Not joking. You've been warned. That's all. Ciao. 

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  2. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster award! Love your posts!