Wildest Dreams OH~

July 19, 2016

Okay so this is how it started. I was a nurse intern (why though?) at this mall and apparently, it was my first day. The doctor was orienting me because you know, clueless here. I was even handed the clipboard that nurses use.

 Then my sister Mari came. She was like, with the meanest voice, "bitch, what are you doing here?" And in my head, I was like, "oh no, you didn't". The fight went physical. She pulled my hair and I pulled hers. Man, I was so pissed. And then for some reason, we moved on from the fight but I was still at the mall.

 Then there was an event at the garden (which looks like an arena) where they're having this Sakura illumination much like what happened in Sea Paradise. So yeah there's that. And then I was like, too pretty not to blog so I did take some pictures, right? So I was like at the top of the arena, and then at the bottom stairs, there was a creepy man and he was pointing to my phone. At this point he was actually very far away so I don't know how he caught up. He snatched my bag with my phone in it and he ran away. Then! I don't know how there were lots of people who were after my bag all of a sudden. And then this snatcher threw things out of my bag as he go. And then I picked most of it because duh! I own the bag. So yeah. And then he was like, holding a gun all of a sudden and he asked everyone to turn around and climb the stairs to the top of the arena. I was actually in the middle of the stairs chillin because I mean, if someone's gonna die, it's probably not I. So yeah I looked behind me to check if he was still at the bottom, yes. When I looked again, goodness he was gone so you know my initial thought was he was probably at the middle already and coming after me but that's where that scenario ended. Thank goodness. 

I then went inside the mall and it was chaotic! Mind you! I know Hunger Games when I see one, darling. My sisters and I were on a team and we were killing people (not really) from other teams. At this point though it should be noted that we were literally TIGRESSES. I remember killing a family of pandas and fawns to keep my sisters safe. Needless to say, it was a weird dream. Anyways, that's all! Ciao! 


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