What's on my iPhone 6s?

July 25, 2016

Still no definite feels whether I like this or my iPhone 6 plus better. But hey. It's the perfect size and the perfect everything. I like it. I haven't done one of this for so long so here it goes. 

The wallpaper. I was never one of those who likes to put their faces in here. Totally not judging though. Just saying. What I do though is Pinterest for relevant wallpapers and I usually change this quite a lot depending on my needs. It's very nice you know.

The first page. From this we can conclude that I don't have much from this phone. I've had 5 iPhones my whole life and I actually haven't exceeded 3 pages so far. But recently they do have this folder thingy so maybe that's why. 

Can I just share that if you haven't already, do fill out your Health app. The one with the heart. It's an Apple default app and you know, who knows when it will come handy, right? 

Second page is for Social Media. Can I just say that Netflix app is my thing? I like it. Especially when I have my face mask on and I have to lye down for my skin to absorb it. It's great. 

 I also have a folder for photo editing which I really don't use that much. Lately, I've been just auto-correcting pictures directly from the default photo editor of the phone. And sometimes I use Line Camera and use the photo filter "clear" so I can fake being a good photographer which I am totally not most of the time.

The games I play. Basically the boring ones. I don't even play Bakery Story 2. I donwloaded it because my sister Mika asked me to because she wanted to compete but I haven't heard from her about this since. Tamad sisters! Don't even get me started with Mari. Hahahaha

Also, I just found a scanner that works. I must have been stupid before because of none of those that I downloaded worked. But now, I'm kind of an expert. Bring me those codes! ;) Ciao!

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