Calbee Curry Chips

July 26, 2016

They nailed it. OMG I thought it will be another lame product but this line was actually good. But you know, still don't get why they're constantly releasing lotsa flavors. Back in my time, it's just original and nori. And it was okay. Now, it's all confusing what to get. Anyways. 

Can't really choose which I like better but I really enjoyed both flavors. They both have their signature. 

This one is kind of spicy but tolerable. It's a delicious curry flavor actually. I'm kind of tired of fake tasting flavors of chips but this one is legit. It really taste like you're eating your regular KARE so to speak. 

This one though! It's more hot than it is spicy but I still like it. This actually reminds me of when I had dinner with my friend Maya at this Indian/Nepali restaurant. Both of this I recommend. Man, it was good. Ciao! 


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