Rhinoplasty | 6 mos. Post-Op

July 05, 2016

For all of you who didn't know, I had my nose done six months ago and from then, it improved a lot. No more swelling, I guess? When touched (should I be touching?), it still feels kind of stiff but way better than before (oops). I like how it kind of feels more natural now. I probably got used to it or something. I should be taking care of it more though I think. When exposed to cold weather, it turns red which kind of freaks me out but yeah, in general, great improvement. I have very sensitive skin so if I get a pimple on my nose, I kind of freak-out because you know, what if it's an infection or something? Oh, World Wide Web. You give me mini heart attacks sometimes. Also, now, I don't really get bothered by my sleeping position but I should really be careful. No one really wants a displaced implant. I know that it will still get better over time so I will probably update you one last time about my rhinoplasty. I probably already told you but I remember my surgeon said that what you see in 6 months is what you'll see in 1 year. So talk to you about this then. Ciao!

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