Sunday, 30 April 2017

Girl's Night Out @ Shibuya

It's been a while since I hanged out with people my age. I mean, we see each other at work but you know what I mean? Like, hang-out excluding work. So it was really refreshing. 

some spicy soup

It was delicious! It made me miss SoKor a little bit. Okay, a lot! The waiters are actually Koreans and you know, your girl can actually speak very very very little Korean and so I did speak with them in Korean and magic! With all the confusing vowels of the Korean language, who knew I'm pronouncing things right? 

my crew

 I had so much fun! 

Also, we played with filter apps non-stop. Like, so kiddy! You know, we're all relatively young but in our group, you kinda know the difference. The 25s and 27 are talking about life, 23 being soooo naughty and sometimes rude, 21 being neutral and quiet, and the 17 being shy and observing everyone but mainly coping up with 23's naughtiness. Our differences make us bond like nothing else. Man, you learn something everyday.
Holler from 25 and 21 


K-pop lurkers

All in all, it was really a good night. I was able to go in my favorite city, eat meat, talk about life, wander, get lost, and all the things in between. I  believe I was able to make new memories that I will forever carry on. Ciao! 

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Ueno Hanami 2017

Ueno Sakura Viewing. When I went there, I confirmed I was a bit late for all of it but it was still hella gorgeous! But late nonetheless. Because of my heavy sched, it's either I'm too early, or a bit late. What is my life?

This baby pink Sakura is gorgeous AF! It's also the first time I saw this. I guess traveling alone makes you see things a little better. 


I wasn't actually alone all time. I was to meet friends but as per usual, I don't really like meeting up in Ueno because this already happened 2 years ago and it happened again. Man, when will we learn from our mistakes? I'll tell you in a bit. 

Ueno was busy. Just like it is every year. But it was also pretty. Just like it is every year. 

Ueno will always be dear to my heart. My family and I used to go there. A place of memories, I guess. 

Friends! After so many change of meet-ups, we finally met. I literally pulled my friend's hair when I saw them because I was already kind of irritated but meh, friends. 

fun times

Food trucks! They're the best.

We all had Okonomiyaki which is my go-to matsuri food and this Twister which was just as good! They had three flavors available. Shoyu Butter, Garlic, and Barbeque (what I had). It was good! 

I may have said bad things about the trauma of this place whatsoever but truth is, I am already looking forward to go here again next year. So there's the last post of this year's Hanami. See you again next year! :) Ciao! 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Nakameguro Hanami 2017


After work escapade. This one I went to after my night work so it was quite early in the morning when I arrived and it was so perfect for a morning walk. I mean, imagine all the Sakura trees greeting you in the morning. 

Nakameguro like I mentioned before is probably my favorite place for Hanami. I mean, probably only because there weren't a lot of people yet when I went because that's just who I am. 

Truth be told, I kind of thought I'd be missing Nakameguro again this year because I don't really have much time and all that but I'm really glad I was able to go! I think I was actually a bit late with all the flowers kind of already falling. Man, it was still beautiful though. 


I'd probably go next time and feast properly. Probably. 

I will never get tired of this place ever. Unless you find me a workplace in here. Hahaha I remember saying the same thing about my workplace in Tokyo. Oh well. 

As per usual, I went to Mokē because you know, tradition. And also, I've been watching Terrace House Aloha State and this place I figured is sooo Hawaiian so why not?

I had Almond Pancake this time and it was so good as expected. I suggest you go here if you crave breakfast. So yeah, there's that. Ciao! 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Yoyogi Park Hanami 2017

Yoyogi Park

I went here on my way to work as planned but then just thinking about how these trees only come to life one week and a few days in a year, I was like, no ma'am, you're not gonna settle for less. 

This park was actually recommended by my manager because she said it amazed her the first time she went and I was like, okay, must check it out because it's near work and all that so yeah. 

Little Sakura Tree seems to be getting a lot of attention and I can definitely see why. They're so cute AF. 

I'm so glad that despite all the busy things that I am involved to right now, I still managed to squeeze in time to adore nature.

central park vibes

Not that I've ever been to New York. Maybe soon. 

my kind of crown

So yeah, after work, I decided I go back. And it was full with people and trash. Meh. 

I actually went back to possibly eat Okonomiyaki but I saw this Potato Butter and I bought that instead. 

Jyaga Butter

I mean, I'm a sucker for carbs, ain't I?


I just wish people were more disciplined about their rubbish though. But all in all it was a good start for my Sakura adventure. Ciao!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Confused Soul

 Short hair don't care. Can I just say that when I was at work the other day, I wore a red lipstick with this hair and my co-worker was like, "broken-hearted ka ba?" Oh no my dear. I'm everything opposite of being heartbroken. Random story, I left  my somehow everyday lipstick at the vanity thingy at work and asked this same friend to find and keep it for a while and for some reason, we didn't meet until the other day and in between those days, my manager came to me concerned and asked if I were sick or like not feeling well because you know, apparently I looked like it. Pale girls problem. Not the first time I heard of this though. I swear my mom tells me I look dead without lipstick.  

Funny because I thought (and insisted!) I am significantly younger than my cousin and bestfriend. It turns out that at a certain point in a year, the three of us are the same age. Lunar Eclipse ang peg! 

OMG the things we say and do when we're 21. I wish I could be 21 again. It seems like a good reset point if you ask me. Well, 16 is better but yeah as if. 

This is random but I want to share with you  (if I haven't already) my favorite food of all time. Takoyaki!! There's this place in Shibuya that I go to for a quick bite and it's probably not as good as Gindaco's but it's a very decent Takoyaki place. Harajuku's Gindaco is just not a place I'd go to if I'm like in a hurry because you know, tourists and locals alike fall in line to get a taste of heaven so whatever. 

Favorite fruit

Strawberry season is almost over. I'm glad that I was able to eat as much I could because eff it, next season is a long time to wait for. Ciao! 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

13 Reasons Why | Review

Opinions were made after watching the said episode so if there were changes about how I feel etc. oh well. 

Tape 1, Side A: Justin Foley. "You are the beginning of the end." I can't blame Hannah, Justin is smokin' hot.  But she could do so much better. Also, he's a jerk. 

Tape 1, Side B: Jessica Davis. "You know what you did, don't you?" New kids. Friends. Classic. But really, Jessica? Believing something without asking your bestfriend is completely bull. I'm happy that I have a bestfriend I can talk things about and stuff. 

Tape 2, Side A: Alex Standall. "If you could, would you take it back?" Apparently, he caused the hurricane. Also, I learned that I have the same butt as Hannah. I don't consider it much as a problem though. 

Tape 2, Side B: Tyler Down. "I'll never know why you did what you did." Oh if it's really you who betrayed Hannah, it's not love, dear. 

Tape 3, Side A: Courtney Crimsen. "You are just so sweet, right? Wrong." Bitch. This might be some type of bitch shaming thing but come at me, Courtney! The kind of girl I can spot right on from millions of miles away. I don't like her a bit.

Tape 3, Side B. Marcus Cole. "Did you just want to see if the rumors were true?" Stood up on Valentine's Day. Oh girl, that's something. Also, what a jerk! Rapist! 

Tape 4, Side A. Zach Demspey. "Did you do it on a dare?" Sweet. Good looking. Charming. Athlete. This is the kind of guy people fall for. Or at least I do. But Hannah was a little hard on him. I don't blame her though. She's been thru some kind of drama that some she brought up herself. So high school!! I'm so lucky I didn't have to go thru the same thing in high school.  

At this point, to be honest, I don't know if I actually like Hannah Baker that much. 

Tape 4, Side B. Ryan Shaver. "Did you try to be cruel or did it just come out naturally?" Thief! But not enough to cause a girl her life. Also, probably not entirely for his own good. I mean, I can only imagine how celebrities feel if they're exposed of something and stuff. Do you know what I mean? 

Tape 5, Side A. The Great Reset Button. Hello again, Justin Foley. If there's anything that I am really sympathetic of Hannah, it's this one. I mean, (knock on wood) if that ever happened to anyone I know, and say, I didn't do anything, I would be really really upset. 

Tape 5, Side B. Sheri. "How do you live with yourself?" I don't know. I mean, I wouldn't have told anyone about this if it happened to me. Also, Sheri might be my favorite character. She seems really nice. She or Skye actually. Skye is kinda cool. 

Tape 6, Side A. Clay Jensen. "You couldn't save me." Oh well. What do I have to say about Clay?

Tape 6, Side B. Bryce. "Could a person be that sick?"  Too bad. I mean, damn. I actually liked him before the rape scene. Rapist! He said, Hannah didn't say no but Jessica did! Still! 

Tape 7, Side A. Kevin Porter. "One last try. I'm giving life one more chance." Well, I'm not really sure about his involvement. I would be disappointed if the person I told not to tell my secrets would go somewhere to report it. But yeah I would be as equally disappointed when the person I thought would save my life, wouldn't. Or would I? Anyways, I'm not really big on the suicide thing that they discussed. I'm more bothered by the college admission talk. He belittled Hannah and said the she should set more realistic goals or something. I mean, who are you?! Anyways. 
"People fall out of love, I guess."  - Sheri

As much as I find this whole suicide note thing retro unique and entertaining, I don't really recommend this to everyone. Some folks, maybe. It depends. I think it's justifying things that are not really meant to be justified. Suicide for example. I mean, at the end of the day, she was not murdered and as much as I hate to agree with Courtney, I do. She did that to herself and she's just dragging and blaming people. Not cool! It's ruining people's lives. I feel sorry for Hannah. I feel so sorry for her parents. And yeah, she may come up with a lot better reasons but it still won't justify her taking away her own life. I just wish Hannah knew better.  Be wise. I know you all do! That's all. Ciao! 

Monday, 10 April 2017

10 Days Behind

I've completed my 3 years here in Japan.   I mean, already? It's hard to keep track on time when you're so used to routine. It's like you won't even notice time passing by. It's so wrong in so many ways.


It always rains in this time of the month and it makes me think about things I shouldn't be thinking. Like, my regrets for example. It's accumulating over the years, to be honest. Gives me a lot to think about. There's something about the rain, for sure. 

Luckily, it's spring so all the ugliness gets covered with new beginnings and gorgeous flowers. 


It's always a good time for ice cream but there's something about spring that makes you crave for one. This right here is a childhood favorite of mine. 

This is something given to me by a lovely couple. I gave up my seat so they could be seated together and man, she was so greatful. She gave me this juice and even tried to show her ID so that I know she's not some lady trying to poison me or something. If you're curious, no, I was not poisoned. Ciao!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Kagetsu Arashi Ramen Review


Delicious. When I decided to do this Ramen Review, I swear I only intended to sample the チャシュ in every restaurant but my lack of imagination in describing things made me put up more items from the menu in hope that I'll be more credible. NOT. 

This place is kind of a go-to place because it's very near my place and it got probably two more branches nearby so it's hard to miss. Also, I love the mildness of the ramen here. 

After work.

Yokohama something something. I don't actually remember the name. The ramen was good! I'm just upset that there wasn't an egg. 

Ramen. My favorite!

There was a point in my life when I liked eating fatty food or like, always craving for it and man, this was like a game changer. So fatty and so good! 

This one was sooo good as well. I realize I'm not a fan of very spicy noodles but this one is bearable and delicious. Something about extremely spicy food is that it's hard to enjoy the food but no problem in this one!! 

The Golden Miso something. Not that good to be honest. 


Three years ago, when I was new here in this area, tita mentioned this ramen place for the first time and she mentioned that they have delicious Nira so we should go. 


There are lots of branches of this place so I'm so sure it'd be easy to locate one near you. If you ever have a chance, try a bowl of ramen and yeah, ciao! 

You can always tell me what you think by leaving a comment! :) And may the odds be ever in your favor.