Girl's Night Out @ Shibuya

April 30, 2017

It's been a while since I hanged out with people my age. I mean, we see each other at work but you know what I mean? Like, hang-out excluding work. So it was really refreshing. 

some spicy soup

It was delicious! It made me miss SoKor a little bit. Okay, a lot! The waiters are actually Koreans and you know, your girl can actually speak very very very little Korean and so I did speak with them in Korean and magic! With all the confusing vowels of the Korean language, who knew I'm pronouncing things right? 

my crew

 I had so much fun! 

Also, we played with filter apps non-stop. Like, so kiddy! You know, we're all relatively young but in our group, you kinda know the difference. The 25s and 27 are talking about life, 23 being soooo naughty and sometimes rude, 21 being neutral and quiet, and the 17 being shy and observing everyone but mainly coping up with 23's naughtiness. Our differences make us bond like nothing else. Man, you learn something everyday.
Holler from 25 and 21 


K-pop lurkers

All in all, it was really a good night. I was able to go in my favorite city, eat meat, talk about life, wander, get lost, and all the things in between. I  believe I was able to make new memories that I will forever carry on. Ciao! 

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