Ueno Hanami 2017

April 29, 2017

Ueno Sakura Viewing. When I went there, I confirmed I was a bit late for all of it but it was still hella gorgeous! But late nonetheless. Because of my heavy sched, it's either I'm too early, or a bit late. What is my life?

This baby pink Sakura is gorgeous AF! It's also the first time I saw this. I guess traveling alone makes you see things a little better. 


I wasn't actually alone all time. I was to meet friends but as per usual, I don't really like meeting up in Ueno because this already happened 2 years ago and it happened again. Man, when will we learn from our mistakes? I'll tell you in a bit. 

Ueno was busy. Just like it is every year. But it was also pretty. Just like it is every year. 

Ueno will always be dear to my heart. My family and I used to go there. A place of memories, I guess. 

Friends! After so many change of meet-ups, we finally met. I literally pulled my friend's hair when I saw them because I was already kind of irritated but meh, friends. 

fun times

Food trucks! They're the best.

We all had Okonomiyaki which is my go-to matsuri food and this Twister which was just as good! They had three flavors available. Shoyu Butter, Garlic, and Barbeque (what I had). It was good! 

I may have said bad things about the trauma of this place whatsoever but truth is, I am already looking forward to go here again next year. So there's the last post of this year's Hanami. See you again next year! :) Ciao! 

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