Kagetsu Arashi Ramen Review

April 06, 2017


Delicious. When I decided to do this Ramen Review, I swear I only intended to sample the チャシュ in every restaurant but my lack of imagination in describing things made me put up more items from the menu in hope that I'll be more credible. NOT. 

This place is kind of a go-to place because it's very near my place and it got probably two more branches nearby so it's hard to miss. Also, I love the mildness of the ramen here. 

After work.

Yokohama something something. I don't actually remember the name. The ramen was good! I'm just upset that there wasn't an egg. 

Ramen. My favorite!

There was a point in my life when I liked eating fatty food or like, always craving for it and man, this was like a game changer. So fatty and so good! 

This one was sooo good as well. I realize I'm not a fan of very spicy noodles but this one is bearable and delicious. Something about extremely spicy food is that it's hard to enjoy the food but no problem in this one!! 

The Golden Miso something. Not that good to be honest. 


Three years ago, when I was new here in this area, tita mentioned this ramen place for the first time and she mentioned that they have delicious Nira so we should go. 


There are lots of branches of this place so I'm so sure it'd be easy to locate one near you. If you ever have a chance, try a bowl of ramen and yeah, ciao! 

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