Beauty and thd Beast 2017 Movie Ramblings

March 25, 2017

La Bella e la Bestia. I know it doesn't show here until April 21st so don't even tell me how you think I was able to watch it because you know you would be right.

false alarm

I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I'm confused. Maybe because I know the story by heart and that I'm no longer surprised? And then here I am kind of already looking forward and already complaining because rumor has it that they're changing something about MULAN. People can't be contented, can't they? Okay back to my Beauty and the Beast review. See, they fixed a lot of glitches from the animated film that it made me think this live film is suitable not only for kids but for those who are older as well. Or you know, critical audiences that complain a lot how it's not like the original. Or those people with zero imagination power. This film incorporated details that a child may have already imagined (or not) before. Beauty and the Beast is not my favorite Disney story so you know you can't really expect anything great from my review. But despite all the (kind of) bad things that I have said, I still liked the cinematography and all. It's not a lame movie at all. I think they did justice to the story. I think it's beautifully done.

Emma Watson will always be Hermione Granger in my heart but I'd definitely give her this one. There's something about her that makes Belle different from the other typical princesses. The gown she wore is breathtaking! Also, Beast looked fancy in this film. 

If there's anything that I really really liked in this film, It'd be the addition of Belle's mother's backstory who died in Paris from the plague. I mean, it's a short and dark story but still. I feel happy that she was able to see that part of her life. Now please hand me the Enchantress' book and let me go in the great wide somewhere. Ciao! 

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