Confused Soul

April 19, 2017

 Short hair don't care. Can I just say that when I was at work the other day, I wore a red lipstick with this hair and my co-worker was like, "broken-hearted ka ba?" Oh no my dear. I'm everything opposite of being heartbroken. Random story, I left  my somehow everyday lipstick at the vanity thingy at work and asked this same friend to find and keep it for a while and for some reason, we didn't meet until the other day and in between those days, my manager came to me concerned and asked if I were sick or like not feeling well because you know, apparently I looked like it. Pale girls problem. Not the first time I heard of this though. I swear my mom tells me I look dead without lipstick.  

Funny because I thought (and insisted!) I am significantly younger than my cousin and bestfriend. It turns out that at a certain point in a year, the three of us are the same age. Lunar Eclipse ang peg! 

OMG the things we say and do when we're 21. I wish I could be 21 again. It seems like a good reset point if you ask me. Well, 16 is better but yeah as if. 

This is random but I want to share with you  (if I haven't already) my favorite food of all time. Takoyaki!! There's this place in Shibuya that I go to for a quick bite and it's probably not as good as Gindaco's but it's a very decent Takoyaki place. Harajuku's Gindaco is just not a place I'd go to if I'm like in a hurry because you know, tourists and locals alike fall in line to get a taste of heaven so whatever. 

Favorite fruit

Strawberry season is almost over. I'm glad that I was able to eat as much I could because eff it, next season is a long time to wait for. Ciao! 

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