Nakameguro Hanami 2017

April 24, 2017


After work escapade. This one I went to after my night work so it was quite early in the morning when I arrived and it was so perfect for a morning walk. I mean, imagine all the Sakura trees greeting you in the morning. 

Nakameguro like I mentioned before is probably my favorite place for Hanami. I mean, probably only because there weren't a lot of people yet when I went because that's just who I am. 

Truth be told, I kind of thought I'd be missing Nakameguro again this year because I don't really have much time and all that but I'm really glad I was able to go! I think I was actually a bit late with all the flowers kind of already falling. Man, it was still beautiful though. 


I'd probably go next time and feast properly. Probably. 

I will never get tired of this place ever. Unless you find me a workplace in here. Hahaha I remember saying the same thing about my workplace in Tokyo. Oh well. 

As per usual, I went to Mokē because you know, tradition. And also, I've been watching Terrace House Aloha State and this place I figured is sooo Hawaiian so why not?

I had Almond Pancake this time and it was so good as expected. I suggest you go here if you crave breakfast. So yeah, there's that. Ciao! 

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