13 Reasons Why | Review

April 18, 2017

Opinions were made after watching the said episode so if there were changes about how I feel etc. oh well. 

Tape 1, Side A: Justin Foley. "You are the beginning of the end." I can't blame Hannah, Justin is smokin' hot.  But she could do so much better. Also, he's a jerk. 

Tape 1, Side B: Jessica Davis. "You know what you did, don't you?" New kids. Friends. Classic. But really, Jessica? Believing something without asking your bestfriend is completely bull. I'm happy that I have a bestfriend I can talk things about and stuff. 

Tape 2, Side A: Alex Standall. "If you could, would you take it back?" Apparently, he caused the hurricane. Also, I learned that I have the same butt as Hannah. I don't consider it much as a problem though. 

Tape 2, Side B: Tyler Down. "I'll never know why you did what you did." Oh if it's really you who betrayed Hannah, it's not love, dear. 

Tape 3, Side A: Courtney Crimsen. "You are just so sweet, right? Wrong." Bitch. This might be some type of bitch shaming thing but come at me, Courtney! The kind of girl I can spot right on from millions of miles away. I don't like her a bit.

Tape 3, Side B. Marcus Cole. "Did you just want to see if the rumors were true?" Stood up on Valentine's Day. Oh girl, that's something. Also, what a jerk! Rapist! 

Tape 4, Side A. Zach Demspey. "Did you do it on a dare?" Sweet. Good looking. Charming. Athlete. This is the kind of guy people fall for. Or at least I do. But Hannah was a little hard on him. I don't blame her though. She's been thru some kind of drama that some she brought up herself. So high school!! I'm so lucky I didn't have to go thru the same thing in high school.  

At this point, to be honest, I don't know if I actually like Hannah Baker that much. 

Tape 4, Side B. Ryan Shaver. "Did you try to be cruel or did it just come out naturally?" Thief! But not enough to cause a girl her life. Also, probably not entirely for his own good. I mean, I can only imagine how celebrities feel if they're exposed of something and stuff. Do you know what I mean? 

Tape 5, Side A. The Great Reset Button. Hello again, Justin Foley. If there's anything that I am really sympathetic of Hannah, it's this one. I mean, (knock on wood) if that ever happened to anyone I know, and say, I didn't do anything, I would be really really upset. 

Tape 5, Side B. Sheri. "How do you live with yourself?" I don't know. I mean, I wouldn't have told anyone about this if it happened to me. Also, Sheri might be my favorite character. She seems really nice. She or Skye actually. Skye is kinda cool. 

Tape 6, Side A. Clay Jensen. "You couldn't save me." Oh well. What do I have to say about Clay?

Tape 6, Side B. Bryce. "Could a person be that sick?"  Too bad. I mean, damn. I actually liked him before the rape scene. Rapist! He said, Hannah didn't say no but Jessica did! Still! 

Tape 7, Side A. Kevin Porter. "One last try. I'm giving life one more chance." Well, I'm not really sure about his involvement. I would be disappointed if the person I told not to tell my secrets would go somewhere to report it. But yeah I would be as equally disappointed when the person I thought would save my life, wouldn't. Or would I? Anyways, I'm not really big on the suicide thing that they discussed. I'm more bothered by the college admission talk. He belittled Hannah and said the she should set more realistic goals or something. I mean, who are you?! Anyways. 
"People fall out of love, I guess."  - Sheri

As much as I find this whole suicide note thing retro unique and entertaining, I don't really recommend this to everyone. Some folks, maybe. It depends. I think it's justifying things that are not really meant to be justified. Suicide for example. I mean, at the end of the day, she was not murdered and as much as I hate to agree with Courtney, I do. She did that to herself and she's just dragging and blaming people. Not cool! It's ruining people's lives. I feel sorry for Hannah. I feel so sorry for her parents. And yeah, she may come up with a lot better reasons but it still won't justify her taking away her own life. I just wish Hannah knew better.  Be wise. I know you all do! That's all. Ciao! 

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  1. I agree with you about Hannah Baker being too harsh on too many people. I think the only one that maybe deserved to be blamed at all, is Bryce, the guy who actually raped her. Unfortunately, when you're that far gone into the spiral of depression, it makes you feel justified in your actions and think and act selfishly.

    When I was thirteen, my cousin killed himself. He never thought of the wreckage it would bring to all of his loved ones. He thought no one cared, yet his funeral was full of people.

    People do care, it's just Hannah pushed them away and didn't give them a chance to help her. I think she wanted people to read her mind, but that's not possible. I watched it this weekend and the whole thing is really sad and heart wrenching.

    ~Laurali Star


    1. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I can only imagine the pain you and your family went through. I bet you are all still in pain one way or another. Just be strong!

      Yeah, I guess Hannah wanted help but I agree that it's not always possible when you don't ask for it. I wish you the best, Laurali! :) Cheers!