Yoyogi Park Hanami 2017

April 23, 2017

Yoyogi Park

I went here on my way to work as planned but then just thinking about how these trees only come to life one week and a few days in a year, I was like, no ma'am, you're not gonna settle for less. 

This park was actually recommended by my manager because she said it amazed her the first time she went and I was like, okay, must check it out because it's near work and all that so yeah. 

Little Sakura Tree seems to be getting a lot of attention and I can definitely see why. They're so cute AF. 

I'm so glad that despite all the busy things that I am involved to right now, I still managed to squeeze in time to adore nature.

central park vibes

Not that I've ever been to New York. Maybe soon. 

my kind of crown

So yeah, after work, I decided I go back. And it was full with people and trash. Meh. 

I actually went back to possibly eat Okonomiyaki but I saw this Potato Butter and I bought that instead. 

Jyaga Butter

I mean, I'm a sucker for carbs, ain't I?


I just wish people were more disciplined about their rubbish though. But all in all it was a good start for my Sakura adventure. Ciao!

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