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Beauty and thd Beast 2017 Movie Ramblings

La Bella e la Bestia. I know it doesn't show here until April 21st so don't even tell me how you think I was able to watch it because you know you would be right.

false alarm
I honestly don't know how I feel about it. I'm confused. Maybe because I know the story by heart and that I'm no longer surprised? And then here I am kind of already looking forward and already complaining because rumor has it that they're changing something about MULAN. People can't be contented, can't they? Okay back to my Beauty and the Beast review. See, they fixed a lot of glitches from the animated film that it made me think this live film is suitable not only for kids but for those who are older as well. Or you know, critical audiences that complain a lot how it's not like the original. Or those people with zero imagination power. This film incorporated details that a child may have already imagined (or not) before. Beauty and the Beast is not my favorite Disney story s…

Flowers and Blooms

There are two things in Japan that I am always looking forward to. Sakura and Illuminations. Earlier this month, I got a chance to see at least 10 Sakura trees in full bloom and I couldn't be more thankful. Of course it's nothing compared to Nakameguro, Ueno, and somewhere else (yet!) but it was so glorious! I actually remember last year, about February, it was for already showing some action so I guess that trees here in general bloom earlier than others.

twinning Selfie
Oh how I wish I had somebody take pictures but this will do, aye? I guess I'd be the photographer from now on. #duties!

Sakura happy me hey there little one
Also, can I just mention that I rode my bike from my apartment to our house to this park. Man, somebody give me a medal or something. And l brought a lot of things with me so that added weight to my already heavy self. Also, Google Maps made me go thru this mountain high road and I was like, no! Before that road, I kind of knew the way from there but I was …

Quarter Life Crisis

relevant because this is my childhood bedroom here in Japan 
Well assuming I'd live for about 75 years more, I think I'm having a quarter life crisis. I turned 25 last month and I'm honestly in a little bit of a panic. Also, I think you should know that I spelled panic like panick. Whut? I was like, is panick a work? Hahaha. Anyways, I'm just so pressured that I am somehow behind my timeline. Don't get me wrong though, there are still a lot of things that I am ahead (kind of) of my timeline. And for that, I'm really thankful. But do we really need a timeline? What for? Who are we trying to impress? After all the nonesense of building a timeline, I still think that we do need to somehow construct how we want our lives to be. For example, when I was a child, if things were according to my timeline, I'd already be married by now. In a church somewhere. My teenage self would have seen me as a doctor at 25. My early 20's self would have seen me already out of…

Netflix Suggestions

All of these I already finished watching the latest episode/season so I guess I can give my insights? It's not gonna be helpful for most of y'all but I like re-reading this kind of stuff a year or so after I post them. It reminds me that somehow, it's just an urge of the moment. Well that's another story but hey!
Terrace House (Aloha State/Boys and Girls in the City) 
So addicted to this. This is sooo much better than Big Brother because you can just be whoever you want to be. That doesn't mean PBB is not real but it is  somehow contained/controlled you know. They make situations where they know what will happen next more or less. In Terrace house, you just got yourself a wonderful house, and 2 cars but you can still live your life. You can still have your own phone and all that except you're being watched. Keeping Up With the Kardashians vibe? Kind of like that except that they're less annoying. Just kidding! For some reason, I li…

Shibuhide Ramen Review

As you can see (or not) from my long hair, I've started this quest quite a while back and I just finished it recently. Yay! 

I learned about this place from my favorite blogger Xiaxue's Instagram and I was like, must go!! So glad that it's on the way! Can't thank Tokyo work enough! It's quite hard to find for those who are not familiar with Shibuya but you know, just have to look out for it!  Around Christmas Time Shibuhide Ramen
This is the best ramen that I had here and everywhere else for that matter! This is heaven in a bowl! That 3 layers of fat! I loved! And! It got everything you could ever ask for in a ramen. This is like 5/5 in my book! This is quite a surprise. 
Tontoro Ramen
For some reason, I didn't enjoy this as much. It's so fatty!!!!! I don't really know if it's just a bad bowl or something but yeah I hardly (I did!) finished this one. 
Kakuna Ramen 
This also! Too fatty for me. Didn't even enjoy that 3 layers of fatty goodness a…
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