Shibuhide Ramen Review

March 05, 2017

As you can see (or not) from my long hair, I've started this quest quite a while back and I just finished it recently. Yay! 

I learned about this place from my favorite blogger Xiaxue's Instagram and I was like, must go!! So glad that it's on the way! Can't thank Tokyo work enough! It's quite hard to find for those who are not familiar with Shibuya but you know, just have to look out for it! 
Around Christmas Time
Shibuhide Ramen

This is the best ramen that I had here and everywhere else for that matter! This is heaven in a bowl! That 3 layers of fat! I loved! And! It got everything you could ever ask for in a ramen. This is like 5/5 in my book! This is quite a surprise. 

Tontoro Ramen

For some reason, I didn't enjoy this as much. It's so fatty!!!!! I don't really know if it's just a bad bowl or something but yeah I hardly (I did!) finished this one. 

Kakuna Ramen 

This also! Too fatty for me. Didn't even enjoy that 3 layers of fatty goodness anymore. I don't know. It's just me, I guess. 

Karai Tonkotsu 

This one is okay. Like I told you, I'm not the type who just give up on things so I was like, maybe if it's a little spicy, won't be that fatty. My goodness it wasn't that fatty but it was hella spicy and I was like, same difference. So yeah, I suggest you try the Shibuhide Ramen because man, that alone made me want to go back despite the other ramen not being "that good". Ciao!

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