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March 14, 2017

All of these I already finished watching the latest episode/season so I guess I can give my insights? It's not gonna be helpful for most of y'all but I like re-reading this kind of stuff a year or so after I post them. It reminds me that somehow, it's just an urge of the moment. Well that's another story but hey!

Terrace House (Aloha State/Boys and Girls in the City) 

So addicted to this. This is sooo much better than Big Brother because you can just be whoever you want to be. That doesn't mean PBB is not real but it is  somehow contained/controlled you know. They make situations where they know what will happen next more or less. In Terrace house, you just got yourself a wonderful house, and 2 cars but you can still live your life. You can still have your own phone and all that except you're being watched. Keeping Up With the Kardashians vibe? Kind of like that except that they're less annoying. Just kidding! For some reason, I like the Kardashians. No hate! Shida Mizuki is my girl from Boys and Girls in the City! Like, she's younger than I am but I feel like our way of thinking is the same. To be honest, I didn't like Ohata Arisa from the show but I feel like I'm liking her now that she's outside. Lauren Tsai's fate though is kind of meh but she's 18! It's no biggie! I guess that kind of thing happens. I don't have a favorite person in Aloha State, I think. I used to like Avian but she's kind of becoming bitchy, I think. I think I liked Naomi the best but she already left. I feel 50/50 towards Anna so yeah. I don't even know why I'm addicted to the show. 

Series of Unfortunate Events 

Oh my my. This one is depressing to watch. But for some reason, I can't stop watching it. If you like misery, darkness, and unhappy endings, it's a good watch! It's oh-so-satisfying! But also, it sounds less serious than it is. But depressing anyways. 

Santa Clarita Diet 

This my friends is a good show for people who are on a diet! You know, I usually eat my food while watching my shows, but I just can't eat whilst watching this. Gross!!! Like, I can't! 


High school life. Only darker. Also, can I just say that I kind of like Cheryl Blossom's character? It is just so edgy. I used to like Veronica Lodge but meh. Also, Archie. Yas. Also, I'm not a high schooler so pedophile alert. 

Hello, My Twenties 

Can't get more real! It's a Korean series I happen to stumble upon and I was like, yas! It made me want to catch a plane to Korea. I mean, it's been a year! Anyways, this is a story about 5 girls who live in a share house in Korea and then they show how their lives are all different and that at some point, the same. Makes me want to live in a share house to be honest. As much as I appreciate and value my independence, I just want to experience dealing with people for a while. Maybe when I go to the States. Who knows? As for my favorite character, Kang unnie! Maybe because of her attitude and fighting spirit. Also, she's 24 so I feel like I can connect to her the most. 

That's about it, guys! That's what I've been watching lately. Also, I've just started watching Gossip Girl. Don't judge! Ciao! X.O.X.O! 

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  1. Hey Mikie :D

    I think that the last one about the korean girls would be more my type of watch. Great post! :)