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One Night Stand

You ever felt like going to a place to sort of try to reminisce and stuff? That's what I tried to do not so long ago. And it was so peaceful. I'm glad. 

I went to Minato Mirai. Of all the places, my favorite place to hang out gave me sort of a bad memory to remember. Not whilst I was there though because for all I know, it was magical while it lasts. Anyways. I kind of went there to let it go. Yeah, the song. And you know, as much as I wanted to be angry and all that, I felt very calm. 

I mean, do I still want to hang out in there, of course yes. Will I remember things, yes. Will it still matter? Meh. Not for long. 

It was so beautiful that night. I was just mesmerized by the lights and everything. Always. Whenever I feel alone, I'd go here alone and it won't matter anymore. Ano daw? Hahaha 

This place is close to Chinatown and somehow, this boat reminds me of a Chinese lantern. 

Anyways, eyeliner on flick. Hahaha in fairness it didn't come from me. Sabi ng baby sis…

100 Yen Shop Face Mask

I can't explain how much I like this product. For its price, it does something. I've known this product for quite a while now because my auntie sent me this once when I was still based in the Philippines. I actually forgot what my relationship with this product was. Gotta check out my old blog I guess ;) 

It has charcoal so I'm guessing it can purify my skin or something like that. For a hundred yen, I'm not really after that purifying stuff anymore. The fact that it can effectively remove whiteheads is more than enough. Because you know, there are 500 yen products that doesn't even work, I mean, come on. Also, it's not like, one use and bam! You can actually use it for like 4-5 times depending on how big your face is. Ouch. Really though. 

I don't know about the pores but it made my face smooth and soft after peeling so yay! Win-win. If you can, I recomment you get this product and try for yourself. Ciao!

Breaking the Code

Next to my sisters, I'm probably the most burara person that I know. I lost my bike's duplicate key. Anyways, I think I dropped my first key at work and unfortunately, I wasn't able to retrieve it and actually, that time, I didn't know where I placed the other key that came with the bike. So yeah I was actually supposed to break the lock by then but then I was like, the key must just be somewhere around because you know, I don't really bring both together so yeah. I then decided to inspect all my winter jackets and voila! I found it. It didn't stay with me that long. 

I asked her to bring tools that she thinks might be helpful and she brought the hammer and the pliers while my contribution is the screw drivers. We obviously managed to break the lock (pictures, duh). Pretty proud! I didn't do much though. She was more like, pass me this and that. LOL.

The story goes something like this. When I decided to go somewhere earlier this week, I realized I don't…
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