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Goodbye 2000 yen :(

Yup. Lost it. My day is just starting by the way and here we are already. Basically I went to buy my usual stuff at this convenience store and payed 10,000 yen for it and then alright, the guy at the cashier (probably a student) counted the change with me and yeah done with. Then when I was at the shower AKA where I do most of my life decisions, I suddenly remembered did we just count 7000 yen? I mean I only bought total of 480 plus yen so that means I should have 9000 plus yen and I was like, maybe I was not remembering well. When I get out of the shower though! Checked my wallet and 7000 yen indeed. Man, it's disappointing. Can't go back to the shop because I usually forego of my receipts. Also, my fault because we counted together. I must have been out of my mind which I am every morning. I hope they donate it though. They do have a box for donations so I hope they just place it there in that way, I can relax a little. It's kind of hard to accept because I worked for th…

Uneventful Mornings

AKA boring routine. Like, same thing everyday. But can't do anything about it. Being adult bore me sometimes. But also, I'm pretty sure it's just me. 
Beautiful sunrise
Some days I'm actually in a good mood and do breakfast and all that. Sometimes though, I can't be bothered. These past few days, I was consistently making breakfast and it feels right you know. That is how to adult! Kind of.

Then after or while eating breakfast, I binge watch Orange is the New Black. I have only started watching this month/ last month? And I'm already at Season 4. Gracious goodness, what am I gonna do after? 

True that Morning Selfie Taking a Different Route
From where I live, there's nothing much to see really so yeah basically the same view everyday. 

I probably haven't blogged about it yet or something but I was/am addicted to Family Mart's Spicy Chicken. Like, yes please.  
Selfie 2.0
Then this. Can I just say that when I used to live with my mama's friend…

Suicide and Death in Japan (and More)

I just want to share my reaction to the recent events that happened. First, with Christina Grimmie. I mean, man, what can I say? She's very fragile. Who the hell on Earth would want to hurt her or even kill her for that matter? I really feel sad and sorry about this. Such a waste of talent. She was too young. I liked Christina Grimmie. Sayang.
Then the shootout at Orlando. Mind you, what's up with Orlando? But you know that must have been very devastating to the family and friends of the people who have lost their lives there. They say everything happens for a reason. But what is the reason behind this really? Wala. Sometimes there's no reason. Sometimes just bad persons. Life is very unpredictable. You just don't know what will happen. Too bad these people have to go. 
Then the 2 year old kid who got dragged by an alligator. I'm not gonna be insensitive about it because you know, things have been said, and right now, there's nothing that will bring back the life…

Curry and Cake

Went to a restaurant in Nakayama near work with a friend and it was awesome. I could survive eating this food all my life. I especially liked the cheese bread that they dip in curry. Yums! I noticed that with this kind of food, you really have to give it a time. You just can't rush. Will go back soon! :) 
Friend I went with Time to work!
I went to work so full and then I was told that there's gonna be lotsa food for the celebration. I mean, someone's fvcking up with my diet. But then again what diet?
Our Birthday Celebrants
These are my co-workers. Man, I'm glad I work with them and not others. I probably wouldn't have survived. But I mean, come on, I usually don't care and that already saved me from troubles before but still! I'm thankful I get to work with them. 


Orange is the New Black

I don't know what I'd be in prison for but if I have to be put there, I hope I look like this all the time. Vain. Ugh. OITNB. This is what I have been watching religiously lately that I have been dreaming of it. Can I just say that I dreamt that I was with my sisters and cousin one night and we killed this girl. I remember it was like Hunger Games' blood bath because we're throwing arrows and shit and yeah someone threw an axe and hit my sister Mika's shoulder. I was damn scared. Then for some reason, I had a tourniquet in my bag, dashed some gin and that stopped the bleeding. Who knew? Back with the girl we killed, she died violently in our hands. We punched her do death and stabbed her even. Man, I don't even know if she's the one who threw the axe. Anyways, we also tried to conceal her body because apparently, we killed her in a mall garden. We then tried to throw it somewhere I can't remember. Dark times. It's only just a dream people. …

Meiji Jingu in Harajuku

This was like so unexpected. I thought we were just roaming around Harajuku and see some cute stuff but apparently, they were here before but didn't go all the way so this time they planned to go. For real. 
The Arch
I'm glad I came with because this is probably not somewhere I'd go by myself but who knows? I might. 
No Idea what these are
It's actually kind of a long walk to the main shrine and I guess it's just more of a tourist thing but yeah it's nice.  

Cleansing area. Before saying a prayer, it is mandatory to purify or something. You have to wash your hands and mouth with water. 
With Allurie 
I actually went with a college friend with her family. Nice that we saw each other after like 3 years? They were actually having a renovation in the place and I thought they're closed officially but yeah all good. Should probably be back to see improvements. Also, did you know that they don't use nails in building these shrines? I didn't know either.  It was a …

Japanese Pure Smile Masks

Variety of masks
Honey Apple  - Smells yummy! I didn't really feel anything supreme after the mask treatment but it was good (I think). At least my skin gets to drink up something. It's dehydrated as F. 

Pearl - Smells clean. No difference still. But I still think it's my skin. Or am I just blinded by all of these? 

Silk - Smells white. Is that even a thing? Hahaha. I like the smell of this though.

Cherry Blossom  - Smells pink for some reason. Also, can I just say that I am actually listing this in order and at this point, I kinda feel that my skin is getting better. Or maybe that's just me. 

Bee Venom - Rebelious name huh? This felt really cold on my skin. I actually think that this is all but illusion but you know, it was cold and somehow it stings a little. Again, might be all but illusion. 
Peach  - Smells very fruity. I liked the smell of this. 

Green Tea - Smells exactly like it. I don't know what to say. I guess I'm kind of puzzled because what kind of…

How to be Single/2 Days Off

I got this idea as a post because I was off for 2 days and I saw this movie that was tagged to me from long ago and so I watched. Anyways, I have consumed my last bath bomb from Lush so I may have to restock soon. I also may have used an expired bath bomb. Mmm...

We all need something to calm as down sometimes. Also, I woke up with the worst hangover! Not likey. Wrong move. I don't actually get drunk but this time I think I did. Drunk texting and making phone calls and shiz.

I watched House MD, and started watching Orange is the New Black. I like it. I also watched How to be Single from the illegal movie site that I am fond of. And it was okay. I think I'm more of Robin in that film. And the doctor as well. I forgot her name. 

Ordered pizza and chips. It was good! Oh and I also watched Neighbors 2. I'm like Zac Efron. Gah I think I'm getting old. I remember Paskuhan 2015 when I'm like pissed off with college freshmen.  

Being si…

Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

This place has always been a part of me growing up. We go here probably once a year or two to watch the dolphins and all that shizz. I'm glad to be able to come back. 

To be honest, I don't remember anything. Must have been different pushing baby strollers than just walking on your own. 

Sea Paradise is indeed a paradise. It has 4 aquariums and a decent amusement park. I like it. Subtle.   
Scary Focus
As much as I also like the idea of releasing them to their natural habitat, I can't complain because they all look so well fed. So keep it up.
Sea Lions Beluga Whales Dolphins
Way way back ago when we used to go to these shows, I once dreamed of becoming a trainer. I still want to become one. 
With Brybry  Dolphin Fantasy
Just hangin' out with mah hommies.
Kare Rice  Cutie
Cute dolphin that's always ready for the camera. The dolphin is wounded though so maybe that's why he's in a different quadrant. 
Choo choo
I think this was our first ride besides the trai…
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