Meiji Jingu in Harajuku

June 12, 2016

This was like so unexpected. I thought we were just roaming around Harajuku and see some cute stuff but apparently, they were here before but didn't go all the way so this time they planned to go. For real. 

The Arch

I'm glad I came with because this is probably not somewhere I'd go by myself but who knows? I might. 

No Idea what these are

It's actually kind of a long walk to the main shrine and I guess it's just more of a tourist thing but yeah it's nice.  

Cleansing area. Before saying a prayer, it is mandatory to purify or something. You have to wash your hands and mouth with water. 

With Allurie 

I actually went with a college friend with her family. Nice that we saw each other after like 3 years? They were actually having a renovation in the place and I thought they're closed officially but yeah all good. Should probably be back to see improvements. Also, did you know that they don't use nails in building these shrines? I didn't know either. 
It was a nice trip. It was a good day to say a prayer and ask for wellness and all that. It was also nice that even just for a little time, I got to hang with my friend. Ciao!

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