Japanese Pure Smile Masks

by - June 11, 2016

Variety of masks

Honey Apple 
- Smells yummy! I didn't really feel anything supreme after the mask treatment but it was good (I think). At least my skin gets to drink up something. It's dehydrated as F. 

- Smells clean. No difference still. But I still think it's my skin. Or am I just blinded by all of these? 

- Smells white. Is that even a thing? Hahaha. I like the smell of this though.

Cherry Blossom 
- Smells pink for some reason. Also, can I just say that I am actually listing this in order and at this point, I kinda feel that my skin is getting better. Or maybe that's just me. 

Bee Venom
- Rebelious name huh? This felt really cold on my skin. I actually think that this is all but illusion but you know, it was cold and somehow it stings a little. Again, might be all but illusion. 

- Smells very fruity. I liked the smell of this. 

Green Tea
- Smells exactly like it. I don't know what to say. I guess I'm kind of puzzled because what kind of green tea extract did they use to come up with a clear extract? I would be more impressed if it was green.

Snake Venom 
- So think this is gimmicky but glad I tried and nothing crazy happened to my face. I used it at the peak of my sickness so it's either it didn't smell like anything or it doesn't smell at all. I have no idea.

Aloe Vera
- Smells like Herb. And I noticed that this one actually contained the less product. Not that it's sticky or anything. Just less product. I don't know if it's just the pack I had or if my skin was so thirsty that it absorbed right away but yeah. Although I must say that it's soothing to the skin and it kind of made my skin supple and all that right after. No idea what's up. 

Horse Oil
- I don't want to know. 

- How can a gold have an essence again?

Royal Jelly

At this point, I'm actually getting the hang of it. Even though they might not be doing anything at all, I like to think that they do. They might actually be doing something though. Who knows? Ciao!

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  1. So fun how you got to try all these masks! Always feels lovely and refreshing.

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